Between May 29 and June 2, southern Sweden was buzzing with seminars, events, meetings and exhibitions about innovations. The week is organized by Region Skåne, and there were 140 activities taking place during the week. At Ideon, we hosted two whole day events, as well as a pitching contest within Health Tech.

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Tuesday May 30th - Smart Innovations Day

Smart Cities

Eva Dalman, Project Manager for Lund Northeast / Brunnshög

Eva Dalman is project manager for the city extension project Lund Northeast – a new city district where some 40 000 people will live or work. She has been involved in the process of building sustainable cities in Lund as well as in the Western Harbour in Malmö.

Presentation of Brunnshög_Lund Northeast (pdf)

Mats Pettersson, Sensative

Sensative is dedicated to re-create the concept of smart buildings. We believe that IoT and smart home business will move from the current closed vertical solutions towards open and horizontal models and technology. Mats will to talk about smart buildings and smart cities and what Sensative is developing and deploying in Lund as the first open city sensor network.

Presentation by Sensative (pdf)

Future By Lund

Presentation by Future By Lund


Presentation by ReCollect

Olle Hybom

Den uppkopplade odlingen

Future Transportation

Mats Larsson, Global Energy Transformation Institute, IUC Syd

Mats Larsson has been working for ten years through various projects with the development of strategies for the large scale transformation of transportation systems to renewable fuels. 

IUC Visions for a large scale transformation

Johan Bjurmar Koenigsegg

Johan presented Direct Drive, ie a car without gearbox.

Presentation by Koenigsegg

Staffan Solve, MOVEBYBiKE

MoveByBike transport and move goods by bike and trailer up to 300kg / 3m³ per load. They were awarded by Lund Municipality in 2016 for their efforts for the environment.

Presentation by MOVEBYBiKE

Thursday June 1st - Creating the Future

Disruptive Morning

Living and working with robots

Martin Gunnarsson, Jayway - Machine Learning, a peek under the hood

Machine Learning is on everybody's mind right now, but as powerful as it may be, it's also surrounded by a lot of myths and misconceptions. In this presentation, we’ll take a closer look at what Machine Learning really is, the types of problems it can help us solve, and the different steps involved in a typical Machine Learning setup.

Machine Learning_ A peek under the hood

Video from Bring Your Robot After Work

Maj Stenmark, Cognibotics and Robotexpert from Faculty of Engineering LTH, is showing how to program a robot by moving it to create the right pattern. She says "this hardly ever works on the first attempt", then watch what happens! This film is from our Bring your Robot After Work that we hosted during Skåne Innovation Week. 

Slideshow Innovation Week