Japanese-Eastern-Railway Delegation

Delegations and matchmaking for our companies

Ideon Science Park receives more than 50 delegations from all over the World every year for technical visits.

A technical visit may serve as inspiration, education or partnership scouting. Very often we work together with Lund University and Visit Lund to accomodate the best possible experience when visiting.

We offer to help with everything from travel arrangements, training, international internship and matchmaking, to high level management meetings, tech tours and open innovation facilitation.

We also offer business tech tours with companies from Ideon Science Park, or our industry cluster members, to interesting regions or events.

If there is anything we have learnt, it is that being open deliveres much more to both sides - and it´s more fun!

To book a delegation or technical visit, please fill in the contact form and we will be happy to see how we can help you find new and interesting partners to work with here at Ideon. 

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