Ideon Innovation workspace

Don’t know where to start? Join the Ideon Innovation incubator

Ideon Innovation is a business incubator located in the middle of the Ideon Science Park – a nurturing environment for innovation.
Ideon Innovation will help you build value into your company so that it develops faster than it would outside the incubator. The two-year programme moves you steadily towards your goals and dreams. You make contact with a strong network of modern companies and our collaborators, work in a creative environment, and take part in many events.

The six step program includes:

  • Pitch training
  • Hands on sales
  • Budget
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sales coaching

This is complemented by team building, coaching and matchmaking

Practice your pitch

Every other Tuesday Ideon Innovation are arranging Pitcher’s corner where they practice their pitch based on the NABC methodology. Why don’t you join us next time? Find out time and date here

Ideon Innovation are located on the first floor at Alfa 4, Scheelevägen 15.