550 vacancies at the IT Job Fair – the market is hot!

March 30, 2017News

Today we hosted the IT Fair for the tenth time. This is an event that we arrange in collaboration with Arbetsförmedlingen and Lund Municipality. We had 65 companies presenting with at total of 550 vacancies! Many companies choose to come back year after year, with new companies joining each year. This year there were companies from Sweden, Denmark and Germany looking to recruit new colleagues. 

Among the veterans were Combain, who were a relatively new company when they participated the first time in 2012. Since then they have hired after most IT Fairs. Other returning companies are Axis, Volvo Cars, ÅF and Huawei Technologies. 

– Our goal is that more people are given the chance to be a part of building the connected world of the future, says Mia Rolf, CEO of Ideon Science Park. 

Software developers wanted

The most sought after skill of the day was software developer. 

– It is very clear. Many companies are looking for software developers, says Emma Lindgren, Project Manager from Arbetsförmedlingen.

– As the demand rises, companies are more willing to hire people without experience, says Mia Rolf. 

Axis alone hire up to 150 of the 300 programmers that graduate from Lund University every year.

- We are, together with the industry, looking into the possibilities of starting a school for programmers. We want to create a fast track, she says. 

See the article in Skånska Dagbladet about the event

WIN Guard are looking for innovations within Rescure Services

March 22, 2017News

Do you have an innovative solution that contributes to less accidents in our society? Then we would like to get in contact with you!

We will connect you with decision makers within Rescue Services, Municipalities and private companies – focusing on safety and security. You get to:

  • Pitch your solution
  • Get feedback from relevant companies and organizations
  • Access to test bed environments
  • Find new markets
  • Do business

At the same time as we give you support and coaching in how to grow your company. Are you interested and would like to know more? Please contact us. You can also participate at our first network meeting in Lund on the 6th of April.

About WIN Guard

The business network WIN Guard was founded in autumn 2016 on the initiative of MSB, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and Ideon Science Park. The background of the initiative is a need for innovations within Rescue Services in our changing society and the rapid development of the world. This creates needs for new ways of solving things related to security and safety and how we best protect people, resources and environment. Find out more about us at winguard.se.


Sigma Connectivity takes over our Instagram #WeAreIdeon

March 15, 2017News, WeAreIdeon

With 400 companies at Ideon, it is difficult to keep track of what everyone is doing. We want to make it easier for all of us to get to know one another by inviting you behind the scenes. Every other week, one company will take over our Instagram account and share their working life with you. Sigma Connectivity will be the first, starting on March 20 and throught out the week.

Hi Linda Malmgren, what can you tell me about Sigma Connectivity?

Linda Malmgren, Sigma Connectivity
Linda Malmgren, Sigma Connectivity

Our story starts in 2013 when Sony Mobile decided to downsize their world leading development unit in Lund. By switching focus from in-house development to external client needs we unleashed our true potential. Within 12 months we were over 200 employees with a successful global client base. Today Sigma Connectivity has grown into a world-class design and development house with the ability to transform ideas into reality. With over 30 years of experience we are driven by a passion to bring innovative products to some of toughest markets on the planet. Our engineers and  ID designers, together with our advanced in-house labs, can rapidly design, build and deploy smarter connected experiences that bring new levels of power to our clients.

What is a typical product or service of yours?

We help our clients to design, build and deploy smarter connected experiences by working with experience-driven creation of products and solutions within R&D and production development. No matter what phase of the product’s cycle our clients engage us in, we help them launch their product with the highest quality and on time. Wherever they are today, we can help. We simply help them take their ideas from concept, design, testing, industrialization and all the way to market.

On your website it says that you have 150 + labs, which ones are located in Lund?

All of our labs are located at our headquarters in Lund. We have over 150 different stations in our labs, which are focused down to 12 different Expertise areas.

  • Wireless Labs
  • Failure Analysis Labs
  • Design Labs
  • Prototype Labs
  • Environment Labs
  • Sound Labs
  • Power Labs
  • Electronics Labs
  • Software Design Labs
  • Production Design Labs
  • Simulation Labs
  • Optics Labs

You’ve got 270 smart brains at Sigma Connectivity, are there any areas or instances where you would like a closer cooperation or exchange of ideas with any of the other 9000 people here at Ideon?

Our engineers has been bred in hardware and software  development. They live to find the best solutions and excel when the latest technology and utmost accuracy is required. They distill complex design objectives and simplify them down to core requirements,then systematically build robust solutions from the ground up. We would love to cooperate and exchange ideas with all organizations at Ideon. No field will be untouched by new technologies and we would love to hear about all the different challenges that people and organizations meet/see out there.

What will you be showing us next week on Instagram?

We will give you an insight to our labs, how they look and what they do. We will also introduce some of our team members, bring you along on some of our adventures and simply tell you a  bit of a ”normal week” at Sigma Connectivity.

Find out more about Sigma Connectivity here

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Welcome to the Yes Day

March 8, 2017News, Offer

Today, on International Women’s Day, we invite you to the Yes Day. Ideon Innovation and Ideon Science Park are arranging a day that celebrates entrepreneurship in a broader perspective, and most of the participating contractors as well as the speakers are women.

The reason is that only 10% of venture capital goes to women and only three of the VCs on AllBrights list (total 92 companies) have female partners.

The speakers include Jan Sook Lotta Brattin, founder of Acne Jeans, Eva Ekedahl, founder of Karriärpodden and Women for Leaders and Elisabeth Brevenson, founder Beepsend. Karriärpodden with thousands of listeners will send live from the event. The goal is that everyone who comes – men and women – will be inspired and say Yes to entrepreneurship.

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Start looking at total cost of mobility – Clever on future transportation

March 1, 2017News

”When you are driving an electric car, you don’t necessarily drive to the gas station anymore, it has moved to your home.” So, it is a major shift in behaviour and experience we are seeing now.” This was one of the opening statements from Nathalie Kinell from CLEVER Sverige AB, who was presenting at the second edition of Future Transportation Square.

CLEVERs goal is to make it easy – easy to choose an electric car, easy to choose a charging solution and easy to recharge the vehicle.

“We like to think that we combine the traditional energy supply industry with the car industry – providing both parties an opportunity to increase the value offerings to their customers. The concept of mobility is central for the evolution in both businesses. The consumers might not want to own their car, but subscribe to mobility in an integrated transportation system with different components like car sharing services, autonomous vehicles, electric bicycles and connections to public transportation. And as a result companies might stop looking at total cost of ownership and start looking at total cost of mobility. What are the total needs for you and your employees to transport themselves, both at home and for the business?”

“We envision a future multimodal transportation system where different means of transportation are combined in order to create a sustainable and seamless solution to the consumer’s mobility needs. Providing seamless solutions will challenge the traditional value chains and require a great amount of data integration and transparency between the different industry players. We don’t have all the solutions ourselves, so we need to work together in order to make this work” Nathalie explains.

After the introduction, it was time for questions from the audience.

So, what do you think should be on offer when I am charging my car for 20 minutes?

When it comes to the car it is possible to offer to upgrades of the software or change the tires. But I can envision services that helps me in my everyday life as well, like postal services or shoe repairs.

Wouldn’t it be better to place the chargers next to shopping centres or grocery stores instead of gas stations?

Sure, and I think we will see more of that. But the traditional gas stations has a great potential to offer a range of value-adding services, maybe even become a transportation hub with car pool services, rental cars or why not meeting facilities for people on the road.

With more charging taking place at home or at the grocery store, how do you secure the energy supply?

For sure it will require investments, even from the real estate owners. An investment in this infrastructure will on the other hand give you a competitive advantage today and prepare you to accommodate the further demands from visitors and tenants.

Charging your car takes a while, should the gas stations be extended to be able to accommodate more cars at one time?

I don’t think that is necessary. The charging time keeps getting reduced and the battery capacity is increasing, up to 500 km per charge, so you will not need to charge your car very often. But it is difficult to predict how the increased range of the cars will affect the need for public charging.

How do you package your offer, is it car + charging station?

As a result of our partnerships with some of the leading EV car brands we have the opportunity to offer our services early in the purchase process. We can train the staff at the car dealership and provide them with the answers to the customer’s questions regarding charging of the car. This goes back to our mantra of simplicity, to remove the obstacles for the customer.

Join us on March 28 for the next Future Transportation Square

See more about our focus are Future Transportation

Find out more about CLEVER