Uniti want to change an industry that hasn’t been changed in 50 years

April 25, 2017News

– In Sweden, there is approx. 1,2 people travelling in a car for short distances. Uniti is a smaller format car made for urban transportation. This was the opening by Albin Wilson from Team Uniti at Future Transportation Square. The car has a display with augmented information with road data and we’ve taken inspiration from planes when developing the steer-by-wire solution. In short, are looking at technology that already exists to see how we can make it work for us.

Genuine is the only way to go

Albin Wilson, Uniti
Albin Wilson, Uniti

– Team Uniti have always been very open about what we are doing and how we are working, and we want to show that to our audience. We want people to be a part of the development of Uniti, so we decided to create an equity crowdfunding, Albin says.
– We started with a very sleek presentation video, only to realise that it wasn’t us. So we scrapped that and made a new one with genuine content. And it was the right thing to do, as we had one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns of 2016 in Scandinavia.

The equity crowdfunding was one of Scandinavia’s biggest during 2016 with 570 investors from 45 countries and collecting funding of 1.200.000€. You can see the crowdfunding video here.

– We want to build trust through communication with our audience. Many of our fans today will be our future customers, Albin explains. Instead of working for years and then revealing the finished product, we have different groups to collaborate with us when we are making design decisions. Getting this input is invaluable and it also means that we are creating a product that people will want.

A virtual production line

– We are in a partnership with Siemens and we both want to learn from each other. We are planning our production line in virtual scenario, using Siemens software. This enables us to see possible problems before they are implemented and we can make changes before we build the production line. We will have a fully automated production line, Albin explains.

Here are some of the questions from the meeting

With smaller cars, there is always the safety issue, how do you work on that?

– We are working a lot with autonomous driving, trying to stop a collision before it happens. We are also using carbon fibre, which is equally strong as steel also through good design we can achieve a very safe vehicle.

Do you think that the infrastructure for electric cars will be in place as more and more electric cars are being sold?

– Infrastructure is being built throughout sweden and europe to meet these needs. However our car is also smaller than most, so the battery can be charged at home over night. We will have a range over 150 km, but we are also aiming for a second model with a 300 km range.

There is an automotive war right now and many old players are trying to reinvent themselves. How do you intend to stay open without being plundered?

– The generations before us tried to be open, but they didn’t have the tools to do it. The tools are almost in place now and we are trying to use them to our advantage. You give trust and you build trust. And if someone steals what we do, that means that we have developed something great.

How do you plan on making Uniti a car that fits in a sharing economy?

– By using technology and connectivity. Sharing economy is a reality now, so we are able to fit that into our solution from the start.

How is it possible to create a production line without a prototype?

– We are developing a prototype now and it will be ready in September. And we can start developing some of the machines that the suppliers will need. We already know most aspects of what parts we need, even if the exact measuring hasn’t been decided yet.

Quick facts about Team Uniti

The team consist of 60 people and the company has grown to this size in just two years.
The car will weigh 400 kg without battery and have a top speed of 90 km/h – 120 km/h depending on model.

An intelligent light that can improve the quality of your sleep – follow BrainLit behind the scenes

April 21, 2017News, WeAreIdeon

With 400 companies at Ideon, it is difficult to keep track of what everyone is doing. We want to make it easier for all of us to get to know one another by inviting you behind the scenes. Every other week, one company will take over our Instagram account and share their working life with you. BrainLit are hosting our account this week.

Hello Cathrin Frisemo, what can you tell me about BrainLit?

Cathrin Frisemo BrainLit
Cathrin Frisemo, BrainLit

– BrainLit is Sweden’s most innovative lighting technology company. The intelligent light control system was developed and patented by the tech serial entrepreneur Tord Wingren in 2012.

– We are gaining both national and international recognition, e.g. we were one of the finalists at the Swedish Mobile Awards, and internationally also for BrainLit’s light installation at Lindeborgsskolan in Malmö. A scientific study published last year showed that students at the school had significantly improved their quality of sleep. We also recently received 2 MSEK in funding from Vinnova for development a light meter for measuring light in a new way.

What products or services do you offer?

– Today a large number om people spend 90% of their time indoors, and that has a major impact on our health, in particular on the circadian rhythm, which regulates our body clock. BrainLit provides customers with daylight indoors by the intelligent light control system to improve health and productivity. The indoor lighting is customized to mimic natural daylight by LED-luminaries controlled by sensors connected to the patented software. The lighting system is adjusted and managed by the customers through using panels or/and by an app in the phone or tablet.

– The system is a dynamic self-learning system, with built-in feedback, and based on the latest research in lighting and illumination. The continuous upgrade of the system is secured by BrainLit’s scientific board with professors in high tech and medicine, providing our customers with the best indoor light environment for humans and livestock.

Our five keywords are:

  • Health presence
  • Well-being
  • Productivity
  • Energy efficiency
  • Maintenance efficiency

Who are the people working at BrainLit, what are your backgrounds?

– Together we cover a broad and in-depth competence in technology and medicine, and with experience from working in international environments. We work closely together with our scientific board to assure providing our customers with a cutting-edge light environment solution.

What will you be showing us this week on Instagram?

You will follow the BrainLit team “behind the scenes.” You may also meet us live this Wednesday, April 26, when we are hosting the scientific breakfast at Ideon Agora, 08:30-10:30. The talks are about human needs for daylight to stay healthy and the new way of measuring light.

Are there any areas where you would like a closer cooperation or exchange of ideas with other Ideon Companies?

– We are always open to exchanging ideas since we are continuously developing our light environment system.

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Decision Dynamics and EMA Partners to form joint venture

April 20, 2017News

The Ideon company Decision Dynamics, a global provider of leadership and talent management solutions, forms a joint venture with the executive search company EMA Partners in India, thereby significantly enhancing its presence in Asia. The company will also distribute and offer training in Decision Dynamics solutions.

EMA Partners will have access to Decision Dynamics tools, which they will use in all their search assignments. In its leadership consulting business, they will be able to offer solutions to their clients in leadership development, engagement and identification of talented talents using these globally leading tools.

“Asia and India in particular is a critical market for the company.” Katarina Kling, CEO of Decision Dynamics, says.

“As organizations struggle with an increasing level of complexity and global competition for attracting, developing and retaining talents, cooperation will help strengthen our commitment with customers and provide further leadership awareness,” says K Sudarshan, regional managing partner in Asia for EMA Partners.

Read the full article here

Behind the scenes with Combain – #WeAreIdeon

April 18, 2017News, WeAreIdeon

With 400 companies at Ideon, it is difficult to keep track of what everyone is doing. We want to make it easier for all of us to get to know one another by inviting you behind the scenes. Every other week, one company will take over our Instagram account and share their working life with you. Combain are hosting our account this week.

Hi, Yllka Xhemajli, what can you tell me about Combain?

Yllka Xhemajli, Combain
Yllka Xhemajli, Combain

Combain is a world leading geolocation service provider for connected IoT devices. Combain has one of the world largest databases of cell-id and wifi that is used for accurate indoor and outdoor geopositioning of devices. The database includes more than 80 million cell-ids and 1.2 billion wifis from more than 200 countries.

Combain’s customers are leading mobile network operators, cyber security companies, IoT device manufacturers. The positioning service is provided as a cloud-based API, Combain CPS API, and as a cloud-based IoT platform, Thinxmate.  Combain is located in Lund, Sweden and Palo Alto, USA and serves customers world-wide.

What products or services do you offer?

Indoor & outdoor positioning.

What will you be showing us this week on Instagram?

I will show you some snapshots of what we are doing at here at Combain. This week we will show you how a day looks like for Invoice mobile, Worxmate and Combain.

Invoice mobile is a Invoice service app that you can use for free, it´s available for iOS and Android.

Worxmate is a complete fleet management system. Worxmate is used by companies that has workers on the field. With Combaines positioning services you can track cars and get real time information reported back from workers from the field. We support  Transportation,  Lumber and Service companies. We offer special customisations due to each company have different wants and needs.

Combain positioning solution is used for accurate indoor and outdoor geopositioning of devices.

We have unique and exciting projects that we are working with and one of them is with Blink Services.

Are there any areas where you would like a closer cooperation or exchange of ideas with other Ideon Companies?

We are always interested in new things  when it comes to IoT and Smart Cities.

Find out more about Combain here

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Cleantech Scandinavia invites you behind the scenes

April 4, 2017News, WeAreIdeon

With 400 companies at Ideon, it is difficult to keep track of what everyone is doing. We want to make it easier for all of us to get to know one another by inviting you behind the scenes. Every other week, one company will take over our Instagram account and share their working life with you. Cleantech Scandinavia are hosting our account this week.

Hi Tanja Tanskanen, what can you tell me about Cleantech Scandinavia?

Cleantech Scandinavia runs an internationally established network of investors, industrial and public actors, all with an interest in Nordic Cleantech. During our ten years in business we have become a trusted source of cleantech-related investment opportunities, business intelligence, investment statistics and we are a renowned provider and promoter of Nordic Cleantech.

Today we have some 70 members from the Nordics, Baltics, China, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany and France. Some examples of our members are Capricorn, Evonik Corporate Venturing, Tsing Capital, IdInvest Partners, Cleantech Invest, Sustainable Technology Partners, H&M, BASF Venture Capital, Dow Venture Capital, IKEA GreenTech, Veolia, General Electric, MAHLE Venture Capital and SABIC Ventures.

What services do you offer?

  • Sourcing & Evaluation – We offer sourcing of cleantech innovation solutions to industry companies, investors and others. We also offer support with evaluation and expert opinion of these innovations.
  • Testing & Validation – We offer cleantech companies, investors and industry to test their innovations in a real environment and to validate the technologies through our user groups.
  • Acceleration – We offer cleantech companies and their investors a platform to accelerate their companies on the global market with the goal of a sustainable growth.
  • Membership – We offer investors, industries and cities to become members, providing you with access to some 1000 Nordic cleantech companies, business intelligence, visibility and much more.

You’ll be showing us what’s going on at Cleantech Capital Day in Oslo next week. Can you tell us more about the event?

The Cleantech Capital Day is Cleantech Scandinavia’s flagship event of the year. Placed in the beautiful city of Oslo, the event will bring together the latest from an ever-evolving cleantech scene with talented entrepreneurs, eager investors and representatives from both city and industry. Our focus is as always to gather the most relevant actors within the field of cleantech and provide them with the best possible networking opportunities.

One of the main attractions during the event is the Nordic Cleantech Open Finals where our chosen 10 cleantech companies will duke it out for the chance to win the prestigious competition.

Cleantech Capital Day will as always aim the spotlight on interesting topics and for the 2017 event we have an eclectic variety of subjects.

Are there any areas where you would like a closer cooperation or exchange of ideas with other Ideon Companies?

We are of course always looking for new innovative cleantech companies and partners to help these companies to flourish!