Industry Frontiers advise companies on market opportunities in Africa

September 27, 2017News, Startups, WeAreIdeon

STARTUP NEWS We continue our series of  startup companies who are working at Ideon Innovation. The purpose of this series is to introduce the startups to the other companies at Ideon to see if there is a possibility of working together and doing business with each other. Kind of an electronic networking.

Company name: Industry Frontiers

Who are you?

We are Prudence Persson, Founder and Managing Director and Peter Mafuta, Marketing Manager, based in Zambia.

What product or service do you offer?

We help get world-class products into African markets, supporting CEOs, management and sales teams with investment decisions. When it comes to winning in Africa, having the right information, contacts, connections and access to finances is key. Industry Frontiers facilitate partnerships with local partners and provides advice on funding sources for internationalization as well as providing full service marketing for high end products suitable for African markets.

How do you build the right networks?

Through meetings (conferences, seminars) and market investigations (case studies). Together with PMP Innovations, we host two annual live events – Branding Africa Conference held in Sweden and the Zambia Education Fair, a meeting point for industry leaders, academia and government keynotes including African Ambassadors accredited to the Nordic countries.

What benefits would I get from using your services?

Key contacts to buyers, suppliers and funders working with African markets.  Companies get access to a large network of government, industry and academia buyers, suppliers and other partners.

What kind of partners or help do you possibly need from other Ideon companies?

Marketing of our services within Ideon. If you are a company with a world-class product suitable for Africa, you are the kind of partner we are looking for!

What kind of support can you offer to other Ideon companies?

Market information, contacts and marketing.

Contact Industry Frontiers

Key contact: Prudence Persson
Phone: +46 703 607 623
Visit our website for more information

Storvix wants to redefine your data storage economics

September 13, 2017News, Startups, WeAreIdeon

We continue our series of  startup companies who are working at Ideon Innovation. The purpose of this series is to introduce the startups to the other companies at Ideon to see if there is a possibility of working together and doing business with each other. Kind of an electronic networking.

Company name: Storvix

Who are you?

We are Maurizio Alpi (Managing Director), Luca Minoja (Chief Product Officer), Giuseppe Schifitto (Customer Success Manager), Sandro Mondini (Software Engineering) and Simone Salerni (Software Engineering).

What need or problem does your product or service solve?

We believe that people and organizations should focus more on what really matters to their business instead of spending precious time in the understanding and management of facilities equipment. IT devices, today, are a core aspect for all the companies, but IT managers and their team are always pressed for time. We know that the workload from Big Data and analytics are considered as primary production data and at the same time data footprints are getting larger. This scenario is posing a huge storage challenge that companies more often have to solve with an IT budget, which is always under pressure.

We can solve this issue by delivering an intelligent data management system that is optimized to manage all the data storage workload with a set-up time under 10 minutes.

What type of product do you offer?

We have designed and built an Intelligent Filer which is a storage-optimized server system empowered with an integrated and cloud-connected operating environment which uses A.I. capabilities to optimize  the management process from data protection to sharing and performance tuning.

What benefits do I get from using your product?

A superior efficiency with a very low TCO, especially compared to the traditional data storage solutions. Your IT team and supervisors will use their time in a much better way and your company will benefit from a modern approach to data storage management.

What kind of partners or help do you need from other Ideon companies?

We are developing our new product line and any help with product and content marketing is always appreciated!

What kind of support or help can you offer to other Ideon companies?

We can help with questions regarding computer data from management to archiving and we can also assist in almost every IT related matters and agile work process definition for tech-companies.

Contact Storvix

Luca Minoja,, +46 739 705 050

Find out more about Storvix

Behind the scenes with VentureCup #instatakeover

September 13, 2017News, WeAreIdeon

With 400 companies and organisations at Ideon, it is difficult to keep track of what everyone is doing. We want to make it easier for all of us to get to know one another by inviting you behind the scenes. Every other week, one company will take over our Instagram account and share their working life with you. Next week, VentureCup will take over our account.

Hello Jonas Lundh, can you tell me a little about VentureCup?

Jonas Lundh
Jonas Lundh

Venture Cup is a non-profit organization that organizes a nationwide competition for startups and entreprepreneurs and a method of developing your business idea. The competition has two phases, during the fall we run “Idea” and during the spring “Startup”, where there are regional finals and the winners qualify to the national finals. The competition “Startup” is open for all startups that have not commercialized revenues exceeding SEK 500 000.

Tell us about the team at VentureCup South? What are your backgrounds?

-The team consists of me (Jonas Lundh), Hilde Zellman and a few student ambassadors. I have worked as an event coordinator and have arranged festivals, fairs and concerts, and used to run my own business as well. Hilde has an MBA and has a degree from the Lund School of Entrepreneurship. She has also worked as a business developer at VentureLab and is running her own business part time.

Can you tell us a little about the national finals?

-There are 15 teams from all over Sweden who are coming to Lund to compete in the national finals, on September 21st. They will be pitching to a national jury who are specially assembled for this event. During the gala in the University building, the winners will be presented and there are four categories; Student superstart, Impact maker, Game changer and Top tech. And of course, the total winner of VentureCup 2017, the Startup of the year.

-Throughout this process, the teams have been pitching before a jury, but they are also receiving training and support from VentureCup. But I want to point out that the jury focuses on the entire business idea, not just the pitch.

-The winners from the regional finals have already won SEK 50 000 each, and in the national finals, the winners of each category will receive SEK 50 000 as well. And the Startup of the year winner receives SEK 100 000. Added to that, some teams compete in more than one category, so there is a lot at stake here!

Who are previous participants of VentureCup?

-We are very proud of all of our teams. Since the start in 1998, over 27 000 entrepreneurs have competed. Some of our previous participants are Raysearch, Hövding, Najell, Scalado, Parkster and Lensway.

What will you be showing us on Instagram next week?

-We will take you behind the scenes, you’ll get to see how we are preparing for the national finals. You might get to meet some of the teams and members of the jury. Don’t miss it, it will be an intense and exciting week!

Find out more

Check out the finalists here

Don’t forget to cheer for Ideon company Vultus who are nominated in the category Student Superstart!

Follow VentureCup at our Instagram here

Students will develop methodology for early B2B and consumer tests

September 11, 2017News
Cecilia Bisgaard, Emma Bodin and Alexander Juul Størner
Cecilia Bisgaard, Emma Bodin and Alexander Juul Størner

This fall, three students from Behavioural Science and Social Anthropology at Lund University will work on finding a way of helping small and large companies approach consumers, users and markets early in the innovation process, based on behavioural studies.

-Our vision is to reduce the gap between innovator and user through early market tests, explains Cecilia Bisgaard. We are looking forward to assisting Ideon companies with our behavioral knowledge, as well as introducing and developing this new perspective on product use. Our task is to set up a service where companies can turn if they want to evaluate the consumer market in order to find out if their product or idea meet the market needs.

-This is to help our companies and other innovative organisations understand the customers better before making a big market launch, says Mia Rolf, CEO of Ideon. In short it is what Apple, Google and Massive Entertainment are doing; releasing early prototypes to collect quick feedback from their markets. This project is supported by professor Ulf Johansson, professor at the School of Economics and Management at Lund University, to make sure the method is scientifically sound and grounded in marketing best practices. We hope this will become one important ingredient in our future offerings here at Ideon, Mia says.

Interviews before the pilot project

To learn more about business needs, the three students will contact Ideon companies and see if there is an interest in joining a pilot project on new perspectives on product development.

-We are setting up 30 minute meetings where we are assessing companies needs and how they are working today. After that, we will start the pilot project, and this will require a bit more time from the participants, but it is free, says Alexander with a smile. The goal is to have a process that the companies can test and quickly get results back.

-If this is something you want to be a part of, please feel free to contact us for a coffee and a chat, says Emma Bodin.

The goal is to have a method developed at the turn of the year, which can then be offered to Ideon companies who want to make early user tests.

-The goal is to offer different types of consumer and user tests, says Cecilia. It may be about functionality, but also packaging, price and marketing. We will base everything on the customer’s needs and see if the offer meets them in the right way.


If you want to know more, please contact:

Emma Bodin

Cecilia Bisgaard

Alexander Juul Størner