With high tech materials and sensors, byGrafton want to revolutionize figure skating wear

November 30, 2017Startups, WeAreIdeon

STARTUP NEWS We continue our series of  startup companies who are working at Ideon Innovation. The purpose of this series is to introduce the startups to the other companies at Ideon to see if there is a possibility of working together and doing business with each other. Kind of an electronic networking.

Company name: byGrafton

Carl Michaelsson, Colin Grafton,  Richie Lundberg

Who are you?

We are Richie Lundberg, CEO, Carl Michaelsson, Creative Director, Colin Grafton, Marketing/Social Media Director and Manette Olsson, Head of Design. 

We have two former professional figure skaters in the team and a designer who has been working with figure skaters for more than 20 years. This, in combination with a creative director who knows his way around materials of all sorts, is a great mix to create a new clothing brand.

Can you tell us a bit about your product?

Figure skaters change their clothes very often due to blade-cuts, ripped pants, cold arenas and warm arenas. Being a figure skater you spend most of your time practicing, both on ice and off ice. Our desire to create a revolutionary fusion of high endurance functionality in material and modern world figure skating fashion design is the core inspiration of byGrafton. This is the first serious and high performing collection that will help professional figure skaters to achieve great results both on ice and off ice.

Professional skaters make the same technical element, jump and spin thousands of times before putting it in their routines at competitions around the world. We want to help them be more efficient during their training process and analyze their movements to help them correct mistakes. We are looking into putting high technological sensors in the second collection to collect data, which they can use, to their advantage and speed up the learning process.

What benefits would I get from using your product?

As a figure skater or other athlete, you would benefit from the materials pushing body heat away from the body, keep warm in cold conditions, keep cool in warm conditions and of course look well dressed all the time. The construction of the garments is made to last longer and get you to and from the ice rinks and arenas without compromising your look.

The technical collection will be great for figure skaters but could be adapted to work fine with other sports as well. By wearing the sensors, your coach or you can monitor speed going into different figure skating jumps, rotation speed and coverage of the ice.

What kind of partners or help do you need from other Ideon companies?

We are always looking into finding interesting “high performing materials” that can be used for sportswear and especially winter sports. Companies working with sensors are also of interest to us, combining sportswear with technology. Companies working with film for commercials are also of interest to us at the moment.

What kind of support or help could you possibly offer to other Ideon companies?

We can help with contacts to clothing factories, technical materials and designers. We have a great knowledge in retail and store concepts as well.


You want to know more? Contact Richie+46 722 31 90 34

Building a bridge between old and new business models with Beyond

November 15, 2017News

The collaborative corporate accelerator Beyond was officially opened on November 9. Mats Dunmar, Manager at Ideon Open, emphasized the importance of Beyond in terms of creating a critical mass to keep up the quality of innovation in his opening speech. Gabriel Grelte, Vice President R&D at Inwido AB,talked about their challenges in generating new ideas and finding new innovations. “Being able to have dedicated teams working at one project during a certain time will help us drive innovation with speed. It is also a great opportunity to collaborate with other companies and generate new ideas”, Gabriel said.


The most important part of Beyond will be to build a bridge between our existing business, merge it with news ideas and bring them to the market faster. Gabriel Grelte, Inwido AB

Erik Ronne from RISE(Research Institutes of Sweden) talked about how RISE will contribute to Beyond and the collaboration with Ideon Open. “It will be a success story to combine the lean startup methodology in an agile environment at Ideon Open with the power of a large technical institute as RISE. Together we will cut lead times in the innovation process and contribute to more radical innovations.”

Carl-Magnus Svenningsson, Marketing Director at Ecophon Saint-Gobain, stated how Beyond is important to complete their company's vision in terms of innovation with these words: “Our vision is to become market leader and innovation leader in our business field. We hope our ventures will take us to a better market position and when we saw that the possibilities to join Beyond, we felt that this fits perfectly well with our strategy.”

We hope to challenge not only our own expectations but to go Beyond our customers’ expectations as well. Carl-Magnus Svenningsson, Ecophon Saint-Gobain

Stephan Müchler, CEO, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden, talked about the importance of companies to admit that they don’t know everything in the context of innovation and that they should be open-minded to new ways of working. That is why Beyond is important, to give inspiration to companies and to create an innovative environment for them to improve their vision and ideas. He then opened the door (from Inwido) with his fingerprint and Beyond was officially opened!

About Beyond

Beyond is a corporate accelerator, where several large companies share the same environment and apply lean startup methods to find new business models and products. It’s unique in the sense that it is tailor-made for large corporations, while other accelerators focus on startups. The aim is to provide a disruptive environment with coaching from both the program and the fellow member companies.

Find out more about Beyond

District heating can make use of a lot of unused potential in the smart city

November 8, 2017Uncategorized

Energy Opticon were talking at Smart City Square this week and the focus was on smart energy solutions. The company has been at Ideon since 1989 and has a lot of experience in this area.

Moa Dahlman Truesdale, Energy Opticon

“There are so many places in the city where you can extract energy”, said Moa Dahlman Truesdale about the possibility to get more residual heat from the industry and buildings in the cities.

Today the energy industry is facing major changes and new challenges. In recent years, the economic situation of the cogeneration plants is changed. It is increasingly difficult to earn income from electricity. The reason for this change is the breakthrough of renewable energy, primarily wind- and secondarily solar power. For cogeneration plants, this means that it has become harder to get income from the sale of electricity produced and increasingly complex operating conditions in production. At the same time, it is not possible to increase the price of district heating to customers when there are other financially interesting options. It is important to acquire new forms of revenue and reduce costs.

“To cope with these changes, the industry need to focus on the opportunities within digitalization, a flexibilible mindset and more collaboration”, Moa said.

About our speaker – Moa Dahlman Truesdale

Moa Dahlman Truesdale is Chief Financial Officer at Energy Opticon. Her main area of responsibility is to lead and develop the company and the employees. She also plays an important role in formulating and implementing Energy Opticon’s financial strategies, designing the company’s future focus and supporting tactical initiatives, working with and executing strategic business plans, managing capital and budgeting processes, seeking funding and achieving financial goals. She is also Vice Chairman of Energy Opticon’s Board and sits on the boards of Sustainable Business Hub and SweHeat. She has a background with a M.Sc. in European affairs and three different BAs from the United States. On her spare time, she is a dance teacher.

A summary of the Smart City Square

With Tempiro’s smart fuses you can control your heating with your phone

November 8, 2017News, Startups, WeAreIdeon

STARTUP NEWS We continue our series of  startup companies who are working at Ideon Innovation. The purpose of this series is to introduce the startups to the other companies at Ideon to see if there is a possibility of working together and doing business with each other. Kind of an electronic networking.

Company name: Tempiro

Who are you?

We are Magnus Lindström, Founder and CEO, Muhamet Ademi, Co-founder and SW Developer, Johan Lindén, Co-founder and HW Developer, Maite Bellón, Marketing & Communications, Cecilia Lindén, Marketing & Communications.

Tempior team
Muhamet Ademi, Cecilia Lindén, Maite Bellón, Johan Lindén and Magnus Lindström

Can you tell us a bit about your product?

Tempiro lets you monitor and control any electrical HVAC device remotely, saving money, reducing insecurity and increasing comfort for homeowners and residential buildings.
Using your phone, you can remotely turn on and off heating and schedule the temperature you would like when you need it. For instance, heating up your holiday home before arriving or turning down your home temperature when at work to save energy.

Our smart connected fuse requires only a 5-minute DIY installation allowing users to remotely control and schedule temperature and other electric appliances. The smart fuse is connected to Tempiro cloud solution, allowing users to access the system with their smartphones.

What benefits would I get from using your product?

By using Tempiro our customers reduce energy costs and increase their home comfort. The remote monitoring function reduces uncertainty as well. Our cloud solution will provide numerous ways for the user to optimize energy cost and reduce their environmental impact, using energy when it is cheaper and more climate friendly.

What kind of partners or help do you possibly need from other Ideon companies?

We are looking for partners that can support us with market channels (reaching private customers through resellers), IoT companies to exchange experience, software developers who could support our cloud solution or anyone else in related business for a no strings attached meeting.

What kind of support or help can you offer other Ideon companies?

We can offer experience and know-how of creating an IoT platform from scratch and offer our services for connecting IoT devices remotely. We have a full range of smart home devices based on Zigbee and a complete cloud solution for remote access. We are happy to cooperate with anybody in this field!

Please provide the best person and method to contact you. Include a link to your website if you have one.

Next week, you will take over our Instagram account, what will you be showing us?

We´ll show you who we are and share what is happening at Tempiro at the moment. The most exciting thing for us next week will be the launch of our Indiegogo campaign!

Find our more about Tempiro

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Behind the scenes with VentureLab #instatakeover

November 2, 2017News, Startups, WeAreIdeon

Next week, VentureLab will be taking over our Instagram account. So we took the opportunity to talk to Patricia Szolnoki, Communications Manager at VentureLab.

Hi Patricia, can you tell me a bit about VentureLab?

– VentureLab is part of Lund University and we empower students to create the future! Our office is at Ideon Agora where we have between 30-50 companies in our incubator each year. VentureLab is a free service any student at Lund University can use in the form of business advice meetings, workshops and networking events and can even apply to access our incubator. The latter is practically work-space for those entrepreneurial ideas that have a high potential and need more concentrated help, business coaching and the benefit of being in the Ideon-network every day. We have intake to our incubator 4 times a year and companies can stay up to one year.

Who are working at VentureLab? What are your backgrounds?

– We are currently three working full-time at VentureLab in Lund, one at Campus Helsingborg, three junior business advisors from LU Innovation, and we even have an affiliate in Alnarp at SLU. The three of us sitting at Ideon all have backgrounds at studying at Lund University, social sciences, communication and developmental studies with the occasional adventurous courses in geography, religion, linguistics and everything in between. Some of us have been part of startups and some are fascinated by them. Our common interest is to see a new generation of students succeed with their aspirations in creating their own opportunities and bring their amazing ideas to the public. We have all seen what encouragement for highly educated and ambitious students can do: John Henric, Tamam, Lunicore, Animus Home, IV-bracelet, Tendo and Vevios are just a few examples. We are working to support these ideas become reality and help these entrepreneurs start on their journey.

How many companies are with you right now?

– Currently, we have 26 companies sitting in the incubator. They exemplify the great diversity that Lund University stands for with entrepreneurial minds from all backgrounds and study disciplines. Some are starting online services, some are creating the next generation of smart living solutions, some are interested in the consumer market. What all have in common is a great drive and love of coffee!

What will you be showing us next week?

We’ll show you more of what it’s like here at the incubator, but we’ll also show you what’s happening at Lund Innovation Challenge, a three day innovation challenge where students from LTH and EHL will work together in teams to develop data-driven business ideas and prototypes aided by data from Bisnode. Join us!