It started as a skin cream and is now fighting common colds everywhere – meet Enzymatica

March 28, 2018News, WeAreIdeon

Next week, Enzymatica will be taking over our Instagram account, so we sat down with Ulf Blom (EVP Marketing) and Louise Forssell (Executive Assistant) to find out more about who they are and what they do.

“We are a life science company that develops and sells medical devices against infectious diseases, like the common cold. Our products are based on a barrier technology, which includes marine enzymes. Our first product is ColdZyme Mouth Spray that can prevent cold, and can shorten the disease period”, says Ulf. “What makes our product different is that it works on the virus itself and thereby acting on the cause of the disease”.

“ColdZyme has been launched in ten markets, for instance in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain and Greece. The launch in Sweden was the best product launch since the 1970s”, says Ulf. “The strategy is to continue to grow by strengthening our position in existing markets and expanding to more geographic markets through established partners.”

“Our headquarter is here at Ideon and we are listed on the Nasdaq First North”, says Louise.

Can you tell us more about the history of the company and what inspired you to start it?

“The story of our product starts in the 1970s in Iceland. Researchers there were looking into why the hands of workers in a fish cleaning facility, that cleans tons of fresh-caught cod, were so healthy and soft. They found out that the reason was a cold-adapted enzyme that was present in cod and when in contact with the warm human skin and mucus membranes becomes super active. The Icelandic company Zymetech then got a patent for that enzyme”, explains Ulf.

“In 2007 a team of five people: a lawyer, a board member and executive managers (including Ulf, note from Ideon), saw the opportunity to use this enzyme for treatment and prevention of diseases. We signed an agreement with the Icelandic company to further develop and do research on what could be done with their patented enzyme and Enzymatica was created. For the first four years the five of us worked on this project mostly on the weekends and during our free time. We launched ColdZyme in 2013 and in 2016 we merged with the Icelandic company Zymetech. During the last couple of years the strategy has shifted towards expansion on European and other markets”, says Ulf.

Can you tell us more about the people working at Enzymatica?

“We are sixteen people working here in Sweden and we have nine more colleagues in Iceland, where we make all of our raw enzyme material”, says Louise. “Most of the people working at Enzymatica come from international life science companies, from other Ideon companies or  from the University.”

What are the benefits of being a part of Ideon for you?

“The biggest benefit for us is the networking. Everything and everybody is intertwined, as we already mentioned even most of our employees come from other Ideon companies. By being part of Ideon you have the chance to learn and interact with various different companies within different industries and help each other. Also, another great advantage is that Ideon has great and strong connections with the city of Lund, which is a great University city that has many highly qualified young people”, says Ulf.

What are you planning to show us next week?

“Since we work with prevention we get many great pictures and stories from consumers and our representatives and we would like to share some of them with you. We are planning to give some tips regarding the common cold, and of course show you who we are here at Enzymatica”, says Louise.

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Students from the Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation will be taking over our Instagram account next week

March 16, 2018News, WeAreIdeon

#INSTATAKEOVER Next week, two students from the Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Lund University will be taking over our Instagram account to show us what they are doing, what projects they are working on and tell us about the Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship (SKJCE). We met up with the students, Antonia Mühlbauer and Gisele Azad, as well as faculty member Lottie Norrsén from the SKJCE.

Can you tell me a bit about the Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Master’s programme?

-We are a hub for entrepreneurship at Lund University. Our aim is to advance both entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship research. We focus on the areas of teaching, research and societal engagement. Our current research projects include: Refugee and Immigrant Entrepreneurship, New Venture Teams, The Entrepreneurial Process, Social Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Learning.

-We teach students how to be better entrepreneurs as well as intrapreneurs. We teach at all levels from basic courses to our Masters programme and PhD level, to commissioned education.

-Our flagship in terms of education is our Masters Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The Master’s Programme has 55 students, divided into two tracks; New Venture Creation and Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation. We have 75-85% international students in the programme and 40% of the students are women.

It must be a popular program; do you have many applicants?

-This year we had approximately 1700 students applied and 55 were accepted. We look at grades and experience from work and entrepreneurship. The applicants also have to submit a statement of purpose and a video.

You have a demo day at Ideon, what is that?

-The Demo Day is the crescendo of the programme, this year it is scheduled for May 25th, so mark your calendars! This is the time where the students present the startup that they have launched during the year.

-Another great upcoming event is Dragons at the University, a competition where students from the Master’s programme, VentureLab’s incubator companies and other students from Lund University get the chance to pitch their business ideas for venture capitalists – the “Dragons”.

How many companies are created each year?

-We create entrepreneurs, not companies. All of our students continue as entrepreneurs in some way, either in the project they create during their studies, or they join another start-up, some become social entrepreneurs, some join larger companies and some continue their studies. We are not an accelerator, we focus on the development of the individual. But if you want to know of some successful students, we can mention ApParkingSpot as well as BookBoost, Renjer, NordGrona, Nattaro Labs, Suntribe, Kever Genever, Pow Unity and Uniti as some great examples.

Antonia and Gisele, can you tell me a bit more about yourselves?

-We are writing our theses on female immigrant entrepreneurship and prototyping in entrepreneurial opportunity recognition. Besides, we are setting up our own business, Femcrunch, a software tool to support gender equality in corporations. We want to show you how we as a team experience the startup journey in Sweden while studying our masters. We have a lot to do in a week, from networking to preparing for client meetings, brainstorming about our marketing and of course, writing our thesis!

-I, Gisele, come from the Netherlands and have worked in a big media agency, for a NGO and I started my first business last year.

-I, Antonia, am German and have worked in corporations doing tax consulting and IT related project management. We want our company to tackle a social problem while being profitable as well.

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Ideon Takeoff has officially opened!

March 13, 2018News, Startups

Last week, we had a grand opening of Ideon Takeoff, a shared office space where startup companies leaving an incubator in Skåne can spend the next 1,5 years to grow their business with the support of Ideon Science Park. The rent is partly sponsored by the real estate owner Whilborgs and the benefit of sitting in a community with the same kind of challenges, becoming fully commercialized and a healthy growing company, is much appreciated.

“We want to make the transit from the Incubator to the Science Park easier for the companies. You will need to find new connections and new markets and that is what we at Ideon will help you with”, said Event and Delegations Manager Lotta Wessfeldt at the opening of Ideon Takeoff. “We listen to you to find out more about what your needs are so that we can help you grow. Ideon has 400 companies and over 9 000 people working here every day, so there are many useful contacts right here for you”.

“There are 400 companies here and a lot of interactions, but people don’t always see that. There are so many opportunities here and you can learn so much from other companies. At the moment we are three tech companies here at Ideon Takeoff” said Abtin Janinejad from Entowork.

”It is a better work environment. We have space to grow, and we work better here.” says Andy Trinh, programmer at Jibber, one of the companies at Ideon Takeoff

How it works

As a part of the support for SME companies in the park, Ideon Science Park offers a place to land when leaving an Incubator, which normally happens after 1,5 year. At this stage the company has probably found a working business concept and started to grow. Here, Ideon Takeoff offers a flexible office space, where startup companies leaving an incubator in Skåne can spend the next 1,5 years to grow up to maximum 6 persons.

”The companies here are pretty much in the same phase and that makes cooperation’s with each other easy, like finding finances or recruiting.” says Christian Ramel, one of the founders of Memlin.

”Yes, by sitting together like this, we are able to act as a bigger company than we really are” says Abtin Janinejad, founder of Entowork.

”We hope that some of the service and business providers that have supported these companies at the Incubator, want to continue the relationship and start to charge at a low, but growing scale.” says Lotta Wessfeldt.

”We are several organisations working hard to make this the best place to be if you want to change the world – and grow a company” Says Mia Rolf, CEO at Ideon Science Park. ”When we find such an obvious need, that could bridge the Valley of Death for SMEs, of course we need to act.”

Want to join Ideon Takeoff?

Then contact Lotta Wessfeldt and she will tell you more.


E22 will be closed near Ideon from 5 April – 19 April

March 7, 2018News

The E22 will be closed between the Gastelyckan and Lund Norra junctions between 5 and 19 April, so there will be a risk of queues and delays in traffic. The pedestrian/cycle path on Sölvegatan under the E22 will be closed 19 March–21 May. Cyclists and pedestrians will have to follow a diversion when crossing between the eastern and western sides of the motorway. Traffic will be disrupted, and journeys will take longer during the two weeks the E22, so if you can use other modes of transportation, please do so or allow plenty of time for your journey.

Information points

Representatives from the Tramway project will come to Ideon and talk about the planned construction work and answer any questions that you might have.

March 14

8-10.50: Ideon Agora

11-13: Restaurant Höjdpunkten (Beta house)

13.10-15 Gamma Reception (Sölvegatan 41)


March 15

8-10.50: Ideon Gateway, first floor

11-13: Edison Park, first floor

13.10-15 Beta Reception


March 21

12-13 at MHC, Mobilvägen 10


For the latest updates

For the latest updates on the construction and closure of roads, go to the Tramway Project website.

Useful information for when the E22 is closed (pdf)


Park and share everywhere with ApParkingSpot

March 1, 2018News, Startups, WeAreIdeon

STARTUP NEWS We continue our series of startup companies who are working at Ideon Innovation. The purpose of this series is to introduce the startups to the other companies at Ideon to see if there is a possibility of working together and doing business with each other. Kind of an electronic networking.

Company name: ApParkingSpot

Sasa Farkas
Sasa Farkas – ApParkingSpot

Hey, Sasa Farkas, can you explain more about your app? What it does, how does it work?

ApParkingSpot allows everyone to easily rent their parking space when it’s not in use. It can be private individuals, companies or organizations. There are a lot of parking spaces that are empty while at the same time it is impossible to find a vacant parking place. We’ve solved this with our app, which is completely developed. In addition to this obvious idea, we have developed a sensor solution, we call it ASDS, Autosence Detection System, that automates the process of renting out parking spaces.

Can you tell me what inspired you to create it? What problem you wanted to fix?

When looking for parking, often you can see that there are a lot of empty parking spaces (reserved ones). So we wanted to make it possible for people to rent out their spaces during certain hours or days when they are not being used. This way, people can save money, make money and save time trying to find a parking while driving.

Can you tell us more about the team, who you are, what your background is?

I am the CEO and have a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and a master’s degree in Human Resources at Lund University. I started my own media agency, Creatify Media, with a new idea for outdoor marketing, bicycle basket covers, which has led to major marketing campaigns for Haribo, Momondo, Länsförsäkringar, Uber and Netto across the Nordic region. Erik Glitterstam is our sales person. He has a degree in computer science at Luleå University of Technology and initiator of ApParkingSpot. Staffan Wogenius is our CFO. He has a long experience from entrepreneurship and development projects. He has been the CEO of several public companies, including several with complex development projects. He has mostly worked as a financial consultant in the last 10 years in a listed company in the energy sector.

What benefits will I as a user get from using your product?

Rentiers decide themselves the price and get financial benefit when other people can utilize their parking spaces that normally would be empty. Renters can pre-book and get navigated to the parking space within our app without the hassle of losing time to find one, while saving money as private spaces are usually cheaper than the public ones.

As you know the number of companies in Ideon is huge and they all can help and collaborate with each other. What kind of help or collaboration would you like to have with other Ideon companies?

We are already working together with Sensative and Ideon organizations like Cleantech Scandinavia and Future By Lund. Regarding collaboration with other companies one idea could be to help each other with online marketing. We think that many startups are in need of good marketing and there is a space for improvement regarding better collaborations, referrals to each other and maybe joint campaigns.

Then, on the other hand, in what way and with what you can help other Ideon companies?

We are very open to help out both with our contacts, experience regarding funding and collaborations both regarding technology, AI and marketing efforts.