The 3 most frequently asked questions (and answers) about Nearshoring

September 19, 2018Guides and tips, Offer

Today, geographical and cultural barriers around the world are changing. Companies ranging in size from giants to the startup down the hall are routinely engaged in offshoring, not only for manufacturing, but for services as well. Lately though, companies have turned their attention to an alternative that is proving to be an attractive middle road between in housing and offshoring.

What exactly is “Nearshoring”?

Nearshoring means that an organization decides to transfer work to companies that are less expensive and geographically closer. Using this model allows businesses to move their operations to a closer, more cost-effective location, or transferring a portion of their labor to a foreign nation within close geographical proximity.

Nearshoring vs. Offshoring: What’s the difference?

Nearshoring means that the business has shifted work to a lower cost organization, but within its own region, like for instance to the Baltic region.

Offshoring involves moving work to an organization in another part of the world in order to reduce production costs. It’s become a global trend for a good many reasons. You stand to maintain or even increase productivity while simultaneously reducing costs.

Why should I Nearshore?

Three reasons:

  1. Many operational expenses (like air travel and shipping expenses) can be reduced with nearshoring.
  2. Unlike offshoring, outsourcing to nations as close in proximity as Lithuania and Denmark allows a business to understand workflow expectations, while providing consumers with the service and experts they’ve come to expect in a global market.
  3. By reducing time differences and distance, nearshoring provides the opportunity to communicate and maintain cultural and ethical ties between geographically separated groups of employees. When barriers are reduced, productivity increases.

Ready to Get Started?

Want to know more and find out how to get started? Contact Baltic Assist, a company with offices in Sweden and Lithuania.

Learn more about Baltic Assist and how they can best serve your company by emailing Adomas Klimantas or by visiting the Baltic Assist website.

Baltic Assist was founded by Per Moller and Andzej Rynkevic. Per Moller has served as the Managing Partner of EY both in the Baltics and Denmark. Andzej Rynkevic has previously worked for Barclays Technology Centre in Lithuania.

Behind the scenes with Everyday Baby!

September 14, 2018News, Startups, WeAreIdeon

With 400 companies in the park, it can be a bit hard to know what everybody’s doing. That’s why we ask some companies to take over our Instagram account and show us more about who they are and what they do. Next week, Everyday Baby will be taking over and because of that, we took the opportunity to ask Edon Ramadani from the team some questions!

Fredrik Persson, Edon Ramadani and Andreas Bengtsson at Everyday Baby
Fredrik Persson, Edon Ramadani and Andreas Bengtsson at Everyday Baby

What can you tell me about the team at Everyday Baby? Who are you?

Everyday Baby was founded by Edon Ramadani, Andreas Bengtsson and Fredrik Persson. We met each other while studying International Marketing and Sales back in 2008 and we quickly became friends. All the three of us shared the same love and passion for Business and Entrepreneurship. A funny fact is that none of us was a parent when we founded Everyday Baby, and today we have two children each!

How did you come up with your idea?

Me, Andreas and Fredrik, all have a few things in common: an active lifestyle, a great interest in family life and the love of trips to beautiful places. On a lovely sandy beach, we sat in our sun chairs enjoying our trip. We observed a family of two children who had just come down to the beach. We saw the dad heating a baby bottle at the beach bar, but patiently had to wait with his sad baby because the bottle had become too hot. The father tried to both taste and feel the bottle, but could not really tell if the temperature was right. The mother was chasing the oldest child who just wanted to play and swim in the ocean. It was a struggle for her to put on the sunscreen. We discussed how life would change if we became parents ourselves. This became the seed that made Everyday Baby, and the idea that we would work with products that reduce as much stress as possible for families.

We think that if possible, we should focus on what brings joy and love and continue to live a wonderful active lifestyle. Moving forward a few years and we are all dads and still live an active life with our families and our company baby. At this time, we had launched several products that facilitate everyday life for families; SunHero makes the beach days easy when you know that the children will not get burnt in the sun. Feeding bottles and temperature bands in safe materials that keep track of the temperature of the milk. Bath mats that show the right temperature in the bathtub and make sure the children do not slip – everything is perfectly designed to take with you on trips or to friends. Everyday Baby is not the solution to everything, but it’s an important step closer for parents to continue living their active lives with the extra love and joy that children give. That’s what Everyday Babe strives for!

What types of products do you make and sell?

Our mission is to create innovative and safe products for the conscious parents who value safe materials, new thinking, design and functionality.

Some of our products:

  • Temperature Sensing Glass Baby Bottles – The bottles are the lightest glass bottles on the market, they are protected with an Innovative Thin Silicone Coating that prevents the bottle to splinter and also indicates by changing colour when the formula is too hot to drink.
  • Sunscreen Indicators – Small, Round and very Thin plasters that you put on your skin and that shows when to re-apply a new layer of sunscreen by changing colour.
  • Anti-slip Bathmats – Indicates by changing colour when the bathwater is too hot for your baby and they also prevent your baby from slipping in the tub.
  • Feeding line (Silicone Suction Plate, Silicone Suction Bowl, Silicone Spoon, Stainless Steel Cutlery, Silicone Bib and more…) based on good materials, beautiful design and functionality. We say NO to Plastics!

What will you be showing us next week on Instagram?

We will be showing our preparations for the Kind+Jugend Fair in Cologne, which by the way is one of the worlds biggest fair for baby products. We will load the truck on Monday with our products and marketing materials and leave Lund for Cologne.

Then, from Thursday to Sunday we will be standing in our booth and meeting distributors, partners and retailers from all over the world, and we’ll take you along on Instagram!

More about Everyday Baby

Everyday Baby is one of the five companies nominated for the Ideon Stipend 2018 and the winner will be announced on our celebration on September 28th.

You can find out more about Everyday Baby on their website

To the Ideon Instagram account


Do you have an energy related innovation? You’re wanted by Energy Innovation South!

September 12, 2018News

Ideon’s Energy Innovation South collaboration would like to inform you of the possibilities there are if you have an energy related innovation, that may increase the speed transition towards green energy. Right now you can apply for funding up till 2 MSEK for customer validation, as well as free training within green business development and marketing and sales for green growth.

If you are interested in this, please contact Olof Blomqvist, head of the activities in Skåne.

More information can be found at the Swedish Energy Agency website.

The list of opportunities are (in Swedish):

Verifiering med kund – utlysning öppen

Nu har vi öppnat upp vår utlysning där bolag som vill verifiera en lösning mot en eller flera kunder kan söka upp till 2 miljoner kronor.

Läs mer här

Utbildning för affärsutveckling, tema: Sälj & Marknad
Vårens populära utbildningar (IPR & Affärsmodeller) för affärsutveckling som genomfördes av våra partners tillika experter har nu följts upp med lansering av en utbildning kopplat till Sälj & marknad (18/10) som följs upp med ytterligare en utbildning inom industrialisering & skalbarhet (26/11). Läser mer om våra utbildningar samt om den senaste lanseringen Sälj och marknad nedan. Det ingår 10h affärsutveckling av våra experter för varje deltagande bolag.

Här kommer du till anmälan

Här hittar du fler utbildningar



MI-Champions lanserades i samband med Mission Innovation i Malmö/Köpenhamn i Maj 2018. Syftet med tävlingen är att lyfta individer/entreprenörer/innovatörer som accelererar förändringen till ett hållbart energisystem. Ni kan läsa och nominera på länkarna nedan.



Follow Renjer behind the scenes – Instagram takeover

September 7, 2018Startups, WeAreIdeon

#INSTATAKEOVER │ Next week, the startup Renjer will take us behind the scenes when they take over our Instagram account. We talked to co-founder Alex Kirchmaier to find out more about who they are and what they will be showing us.

What can you tell me about Renjer? Who are you?

We are Alex Kirchmaier, Tim Schulz and Anton Vänskä, three former students of Lund University who are now running the startup Renjer at VentureLab. We have developed wild jerky snacks from reindeer, elk and deer and we recently signed a contract with a private investor from Germany, which will help us scale up our production.

How did you come up with your idea?

Tim came to Lund to study Entrepreneurship, and initially thought he would end up in a team developing an application or a website, as most entrepreneurs do nowadays. When he had to come up with a list of business ideas, a phone call with his father reminded him of a previous holiday in northern Sweden where he had tried some fantastic dried reindeer. Without taking this idea too serious however, he put it on his list and a few days later pitched it to his peers in class. Right afterwards, Anton and Alex approached him, since they found this idea interesting, even though it seemed a bit quirky at first. The three of them made a few experiments with reindeer meat and soon decided that reindeer jerky is a unique product and so delicious that it should not be kept from the market. And so the story of Renjer began…

You are a part of the student incubator VentureLab here at Ideon,what’s it like?

It’s great, we can share ideas and get feedback from others. We love the spirit and energy here!

What will you be showing us on Instagram next week? 

We will show you more of what we do, how we work and maybe even take you along on a tasting as well!

Find out more about Renjer

Follow Renjer on our Instagram here

Bejing Normal University moves into Ideon Science Park

September 5, 2018News, Offer

Ideon Science Park opens soft landing opportunity for international organizations that want to establish themselves on the Swedish market and find partnerships with Swedish, innovative companies. BNU-BUCM (Beijing Normal University-Beijing University of Chinese Medicine) National University Science Park–Hengqin Innovation Institute of Science and Technology (briefly called BNU-BUCM) from Hengqin New District, Guangdong Province, China, is the first tenant to enter the soft landing office at Ideon.

The service is just what it sounds like, a soft landing in a new market. Soft landing is a common offer at international science parks, as a way for international companies to gradually grow into a new market. Organization or company representatives will have access to an office and office services, as well as matchmaking and help with setup of meetings with stakeholders. Ideon Science Park is now actively working with Invest in Skåne to find more opportunities for soft landing agreements this autumn.

The goal is that relationships are deepened and that tenants like BNU-BCUM and other international guests quickly realize the benefits of being more permanently placed in an innovative environment like Ideon Science Park. A soft landing agreement with BNU-BCUM is means that we are building relationships, not only with this university, but with a whole network of Chinese universities and science parks, as well as the companies in the Chinese parks, which our Ideon companies can benefit from. We hope to create many interesting connections, says Mia Rolf, CEO Ideon Science Park.

BNU-BUCM National University Science Park–Hengqin Innovation Institute of Science and Technology is a newly established science park about 30 minutes by air from Hong Kong. The purpose of the soft landing agreement is to have a base of operations in Sweden and in Skåne in order to find exciting innovations for collaboration with Chinese companies. Areas they are particularly interested in are innovations in water, energy and smart cities.

Want to know more about our soft landing-service? Contact us!

Visit to Ideon by BNU-BUCM May 29th Names: Zhenghua Yan, Yan Liu, Yaling Jin, Mia Rolf, Guilian Ge, Xiaolong Fan.