During our 35-year history, Ideon Science Park has known many great entrepreneurs that have built their companies from scratch to an international success. On their journey, they have listened to advice from more experienced people and they may have used the innovation support system offered here. The important thing is that they have figured out how to take a great idea to the market and how to grow a company, creating jobs in the region as well as around the globe. We salute them for that. Now it´s your turn to grow your business!

Learn from the best

Ideon Science Park has been mentioned as one out of 13 brain belts where the smartest people in the world live and work. Let´s make even more use of that!

With the Ideon Mentorship Program we want to connect the experienced leaders in the park with entrepreneurs who want to learn how to grow their business. The mentors, the experienced leaders, have serious scale-up skills to teach and important connections to offer to the right mentee. By helping each other they can both grow and who knows – it could be the start of something fantastic!

Our star mentors

The five mentors in the program for 2018 are:

  • Staffan Gestrelius, co-founder of QlikTech International AB
  • Martin Gren, co-founder of Axis Communications
  • Charlotta Falvin, experienced CEO and Board Member
  • Pierre Elzouki, co-founder of Scalado
  • Jon Hauksson, co-founder of Storytel
Martin Gren

“Ideon has meant a lot for me on my entrepreneurial journey and now I look forward to sharing my learnings to hungry Ideon entrepreneurs asking me wise questions.”

Martin Gren
Charlotta Falvin

“I’ve worked with so many great entrepreneurs and seen fantastic companies grow. Being a mentor at Ideon gives me the opportunity to meet and inspire a new bunch of great people.”

Charlotta Falvin
Jon Hauksson

“I am in the program to share, meet interesting entrepreneurs, learn new things and hopefully find companies to invest in.”

Jon Hauksson
Pierre Elzouki

” I’m happy to help out, and to assist in creating new sustainable growth companies starting at Ideon.”

Pierre Elzouki
Staffan Gestrelius

“I am very interested in visionary technologies that are so far ahead of the competition that it is possible to build a company that can create a high-tech culture and create jobs in the Region.”

Staffan Gestrelius

Winners of the Ideon Mentorship Program 2018 !

The five winners of the Mentorship Program are:

  • Magnus Lindström, founder and CEO, Tempiro
  • Ofelia Madsen, CEO, BrainLit
  • Johan Ranefors, CEO/CTO, Glimworks
  • Lennart Bergström, co-founder, Sib Solutions
  • Anders Arkenstedt, founder and CEO, Dimon systems

Find out more about the winners here

Sharp Minds Session – From idea to startup and beyond part 1

Martin Gren and Pierre Elzouki talk about what drives you as an entrepreneur, even when others call you crazy.

Sharp Minds Session – From idea to startup and beyond part 2

Martin Gren and Pierre Elzouki talk about the importance of culture and a strong team if you want to scale up your business.

Sharp Minds Session – From idea to startup and beyond part 3

Our mentors Martin Gren and Pierre Elzouki are talking about their shortfalls, mistakes and best lessons from building a scaleup company. Moderated by our CEO Mia Rolf.

Sharp Minds Session – Leadership in Scaleups part 1

Mentors Charlotta Falvin and Staffan Gestrelius talk about being a leader in a scaleup business and how important it is to build the right team.

Sharp Minds Session – Leadership in scaleups part 2

Our mentors Charlotta Falvin and Staffan Gestrelius talk about the importance of great leadership and creating a great, diverse team who wants to be a part of the expansion journey.

Sharp Minds Session – Startup meets investor

Our mentor Jon Hauksson in a conversation with one of the Storytel investors - Anders Bengtsson.

Sharp Minds Session – Starting a business is hard work

Jon Hauksson, co-founder of Storytel at our Sharp Minds Sessions about endurance and how important it is if you want to start a business.



Foto: News Øresund, Johan Wessman

Charlotta Falvin has a Master’s degree in Business administration and economics from Lund University. After she graduated she has had many positions as consultant and manager at various companies, one of them being Axis Communications. She has been the CEO of Zi Corporation, Decuma AB and TAT AB, a company that started at Ideon. She has been part of the Board of Directors of more than ten companies, like MultiQ International, Axis Communications and INVISIO Communications and served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of seven companies like Barista Fair Trade Coffee, Ideon Open and Teknopol AB.  Currently she is Board Member of companies like Net Insigt, CLX Communications and Bure Equity .


Pierre Elzouki

Pierre Elzouki has a Master’s degree in electronics at Lund Institute of Technology (LTH). He co-founded Scalado AB in 2000 and he had many roles in the company during the years, including CEO, Vice President of Investor Relations and Business Development. Pierre founded and has been the CEO of AdRapid since 2015. He is also the CEO of RAVITEQ, Chairman of the board of OptimalBits and Member of the Board of Directors of The Swedish-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce and Scalando AB.


Staffan Gestrelius mentor

Staffan Gestrelius has a Master of Science degree in Technical Physics and a BA in Business Administration from the University of Lund. After 10 years at the university and another 10 years at big companies Gestrelius co-invented the interactive graphical interface QlikView, which led to the creation of QlikTech International AB, where he also worked as CEO for the first six years.

Staffan is an Associate Professor in Medical Physiology at Lund University and in his PhD work he pioneered computer simulations of complex biological processes.

Staffan has founded Capish and now serves as Chief Scientist and Chairman of the Board for the company. He is also involved in various degree in several other companies in the region.


Jon Hauksson

Jon Hauksson has a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Lund University. In 2005 he co-founded Storytel Sweden AB, at the beginning called Bokilur. Until recently he was the Technical Manager of Storytel. During the last couple of years, Jon has been acting as an Angel Investor for many startups and has stepped down from his operational role in Storytel. Some of the startups that he has invested in are Delibr, Elobina, Dream Troopers AB (for which he is also a Board Member) and Beatly.


Martin Gren

Martin Gren holds a degree in Electronic Engineering and studied Advanced computer science at Lund University. Martin was one of the co-founders of Axis Communications in 1984 together with Mikael Karlsson and Keith Bloodworth. Moreover, in 1996 Gren co-invented the first network camera, the AXIS 200, NetEye. Since then he has had both executive and operational roles within Axis Communcations, which include being Chief Technology Officer of Axis Camera Division and the Director of New Projects. Currently, Martin Gren is a board member of numerous companies including Axis AB (Axis Communications parent company), Askero Storybook Publishing Co., Eikos Corporation and Tobii Technology AB. One of his recent investments is in the peer-to-peer loan company Lendify.


Mentorship group

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