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Diversity creates groundbreaking innovations

Today, a growing number of Innovation Directors notice the limitations of in-house innovations and start looking for complementing knowledge and ideas to be able to create groundbreaking innovations. To save time and energy it is crucial to identify where you may find a diversity of innovations and high level competence. This is why several large, well known innovation brands have established an R&D department or office here at Ideon Science Park.

Companies since 1983

Patents registered

One of 13 brain belts 

Ideon and Lund have a long tradition of creating innovations within life science, software/IoT, telecommunications, energy and new materials. The establishment of neighbours like MAX IV, ESS and Science Village Scandinavia will contribute to secure the availability of experts even further.

If you are looking for talents that can take your business to the next level, you’ve come to the right place!

Ideon is mentioned as one of thirteen brain belts where the smartest people in the world work and live in the book “The Smartest Places on Earth” by authors Antoine van Agtmael and Fred Bakker.

Best place to do business

Ideon Science Park is one of the reasons why Greater Copenhagen is a world class science and business region. The well established private-public partnerships is another. As well as fantastic Universities and research institutions. 

Great test beds and partners

In and around Ideon Science Park you will find opportunities to test your technology at top quality test beds. Lund City is positive to innovation testing and offer an IoT testbed with a LORA network, running through great parts of the city, including Ideon Science Park.

Recently Lund City put up a test bed together with ElonRoad to test charging of vehicles via an electricity rail in the road and they are working with ESA (European Space Agency) to become a Moon City, testing space technology before it is used in space, and if it could meet challenges here on earth.

Ericsson and RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) are collaboration on testing 5G internet here, just to mention a few ongoing projects.

World class lab environments

One of the strengths of the Ideon area is the many open laboratories. Ideon Science Park is neighbouring Lund University and several world class laboratories within nanotech, electronics, 3D-printing, virtual reality, radio transmission, bio medicine, chemistry, IoT and sensor technology. 

Solve challenges at fika distance!

There is a 30% greater chance to succeed if you sit in an environment of other innovative companies. At Ideon Science Park there are 400 companies and we practice an open culture where everyone may approach anyone to ask for help – and usually gets it. We call it the Ideon Way. Ideon Science Park, Medicon Village with additionally 120 companies, the world class labs and the University are all centered in Lund North East, at so called fika distance. Which means that you may solve a challenge by simply walking over to another team of sharp minds for a coffee break. Plenty of partnerships, mergers and acquisitions have taken place over the years, between different innovative companies in the park.

Talking about coffee and distance – there are 12 restaurants and cafés in the area and more nearby. Some offices even offer free bikes to borrow for meetings a bit further away. In 2020 the tramway will be open, with two stations within the park and linking Ideon Science Park to Lund City within 7 minutes.

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