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Ideon Science Park is one of Europe’s most successful venue for innovators, entrepreneurs and venture capital. Built next to the Lund University School of Economics and the Faculty of Engineering, with 48,000 students and 5000 researchers/PhD students, the Science Park is the perfect place for business, research and public services to meet and develop business together. 


Innovative Region

  • In 2016, around €11.5 million was invested in tech startups in Lund and Malmö alone.
  • The Medicon Valley cluster that Skåne is a part of is made up of more than 400 life science companies.
  • Most R&D personnel in business per capita in the EU

Home to many sharp minds

  • Lund University has 48,000 students and 5,000 researchers/PhD students. 
  • The Greater Copenhagen region has a combined total of 190,000 students, 17 universities and 14,000 scientists.
  • Ideon Science Park is located right next to Lund University School of Economics and the Faculty of Engineering LTH, which makes Ideon the perfect place for business, research and public services to meet and develop solutions together.

World class labs

  • Max IV is the brightest synchrotron light source in the world.
  • The European Spallation Source, ESS, will be a multidisciplinary research centre based on one of the world’s most powerful neutron sources, and
  • Ideon is a natural portal to bridge the gap between science and business, to commercialize new findings.

Open Innovation is second nature here

  • Sweden has very flat organizational structures.
  • Great ideas can come from anywhere and collaboration is the best way forward.
  • Ideon Science Park is the birthplace of Ideon Open, the leading open innovation agency in Sweden.

Greater Copenhagen in a nutshell

  • Greater Copenhagen is a metropolitan region that spans eastern Denmark and Skåne in southern Sweden.
  • Four million people live in this region.
  • With 14,000 researchers, 190,000 students and 17 universities and colleges of higher education, Greater Copenhagen offers Scandinavia’s most knowledge-intensive research and business environment.
  • Greater Copenhagen is Scandinavia’s largest recruitment base of highly-skilled employees.
  • Two international airports (Copenhagen and Malmö) serve Greater Copenhagen.


The city of Lund has a long history of being positive towards innovation. University and industry partnerships have led to a range of innovations being born here.

Lund has a strong base in science and innovation. It was chosen by 17 countries to be the home of the future European Spallation Source (ESS). This will revolutionise manufacturing by generating new and smarter materials.

The city is planning a new district (Lund Northeast) around ESS and the Max IV Laboratory, located close to Ideon Science Park. This district will be a test bed for sustainable living solutions and innovation. It will also be home to over 40,000 people, hopefully from all over the world.

Other planned building includes Science Village Scandinavia and a new tramway. The latter will connect the city centre, Ideon Science Park, Lund Northeast, Science Village Scandinavia, Max IV and ESS.

The city of Lund is constantly working towards its vision “creating the future – with knowledge, innovation and openness”. Ideon Science Park is proud to be part of the creation of an exciting future, both locally and internationally.

Together with our partners, we work hard every day to make this the best place to be if you want to change the world!

Curious about products and solutions have been invented at Ideon Science Park and in Lund? Take a peak at some great innovations from Lund here!

Establishing your business in Lund

Establish your business at Ideon

We offer soft landing services as well as location services through our partners. You will find more information about these services and our collaboration partners here at the section Talent attraction and Soft landing.


Doing business in Lund

The City of Lund offers a free service to business owners who want to move their business to Lund or start a branch here. Find out how Lund City can help you here.

Your home away from home

International Citizen Hub Lund is the official site for relocating your business, career and life to Southern Sweden.

We provide helpful information to international talents and their families, arrange relevant activities, and offer a warm environment in which to meet. Find out more here.


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