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Finding right talent is a key ingredient in helping our companies grow. Diversity is a strength, so we are part of different initiatives in helping our companies find the right additions to their teams. 

Matching newly arrived academics with Ideon companies

The need for trained programmers in the south of Sweden, in general, is high and no less in the park. Through an ESF project, we have offered newly arrived academics a fast track to jobs within programming, including tests, university training, internship and first-job-support.

Ideon Science Park´s role has been to find internships opportunities and work with the companies to meet their needs as well as possible.
The project MatchIT is financed by ESF, EU, and is a cooperation with Lund University, Arbetsförmedlingen (Employment Agency), Region Skåne, Blekinge School of Technology and Region Blekinge.

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The IT Job Fair is hosted at Ideon twice a year, a collaboration with the Swedish Employment Agency and Lund City. We normally attract over 2500 visitors who are curious about finding a new challenge.

There are 65 companies offering a total of 800 jobs at each fair. This is a great opportunity for applicants and recruiters to meet face to face for a first talk. It has happened more than once that an applicant has been offered a job on the spot!

Company Career Portal

Together with Roi Rekrytering, we offer all Ideon companies their own career portal to help them find new talent. 

The job portal offers support during the whole recruitment process and will also help with your employer branding. The platform will simplify the process – no more CV’s in your inbox! We can also help you with targeted social media ads and job ads at jobsites.

Roi Rekrytering was founded in 2009 and was originally a startup at Ideon Science Park.

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Keeping international students in the greater CopeNhagen Area

Every year Ideon Science Park hosts a matchmaking event between International Graduated Students and companies who are looking for new talents. This is a collaboration between Ideon Science Park and Copenhagen Capacity.

Not sure where to start?

New talent from outside the region often need help with the relocation. Many of the companies in the park are experts at this, but there are also organisations in Greater Copenhagen who will help make the transfer go as smooth as possible.

Contact us at Ideon and we will connect you with the right organisation.
You can also use our soft landing service if you want to get to know the region better.

Nordic Relocation Group

Nordic Relocation Group is the leading relocation company in Sweden and are represented with offices at Ideon Science Park. Our customers are companies that wish to save time and money and ask for our help with arranging the relocation of their employees, both within Sweden but mainly international moves.

We can help with finding a home, schools/daycare, registration with public authorities and visa processes. Cultural training, the set up of utilities, administration of invoices, move of furniture and import, repatriation and departures are also some of our services.

Another service is to help and take care of new potential employees and in connection with their interview introduce them to Sweden and the region. Give them/their family as much information as possible of how it is to live and work in Sweden, give them a good idea of how their life would look/be like if they were to move here. With this at hand it is easier for them to make a decision and accept the job offer.

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International Citizen Hub Lund

International Citizen Hub support employers in the southern region of Sweden in attracting and retaining international talent by providing helpful information, arranging relevant activities, and offering a warm environment in which to meet. In collaboration with authorities, organizations, academia and companies, we share the common goal of making this experience an enjoyable one for both the employee and their family.

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Doing business in Lund

The City of Lund offers a free service to business owners who want to move their business to Lund or start a branch here. Lund is growing fast and there is room for more companies with creative people. There are great opportunities for success when you establish your business here. Many companies in Lund export their goods and services, contributing to Lund’s international character.

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Copenhagen Capacity

Copenhagen Capacity assists foreign businesses, investors and talent in identifying and capitalising on business opportunities in Greater Copenhagen- from initial considerations to final establishment. Free of charge.

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More information

International Club of Skåne

The International Club of Skåne (ICS) is a non-profit organization, open to current or former expatriates living in Skåne.

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Verksamt.se is a service operated jointly by the Swedish Companies Registration Office Swedish Tax Authority and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth Board.

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