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One of the strengths of the Ideon area is the many open laboratories. Ideon Science Park is neighbouring Lund University and several world class laboratories within nanotech, nanomed, electronics, 3Dprinting, virtual reality, radio transmission, biomed, chemistry, mobile and sensor technology.
Many great innovations have been realized through cooperations between scientists and entrepreneurs. The first artificial kidney, the first ultrasound technology, Ericsson’s first mobile phone, the first connected video camera and many more. Ideon Science Park helps entrepreneurs to come in contact with scientists and science through Science Breakfasts, innovation talks and match making.

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laboratories at ideon

sigma connectivity – sensor and mobile technology

Sigma run a independent lab, comparable only to something you can dream of building and running in-house yourself. Sigma Connectivity has over 150 labs at their site at Ideon, including Wireless Labs, Failure Analysis Labs, Design Labs, Prototype Labs and Simulation Labs.

Find out more about the Sigma Connectivity Labs »

sensative – iot labs

Open IoT Lab is run by Sensative AB. The premises are very well adapted to the development of both IoT and cloud services, as they were built for Sony Ericsson. Open IoT Lab offers office and lab space and is a true co-working space for collaboration and access to knowledge to give you the prerequisites to fulfill your dreams of IoT and cloud services!


RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden

RISE is Sweden’s research institute and innovation partner. 2 300 employees run and support all types of innovation processes.

RISE offers unique expertise and 100 test- and demonstration environments for future-proof technologies, products and services.

Find out how RISE can help your business »

TÜV Rheinland – wireless lab

TÜV Rheinland offer testing services to the industry in the field of long-range wireless communication such as 2G, 3G and LTE, as well as antenna performance tests such as Over The Air, known for short as OTA.

Find out more about how TÜV Rheinland can make sure everything is precisely right »

Want your own lab space?

Find the right environment for your business

One of our Real Estate Owners, Wihlborgs, offer different types of lab environments. Contact them to find out how they can meet your needs!

Get your own lab space at the Wihlborgs houses »

neighbouring laboratories

laboratories at medicon village

Our neighbour Medicon Village has 17,000 m2 of laboratories – from the simple to the advanced. They include labs for chemistry and biochemistry, climate rooms, cell biology labs, clean rooms and pharmaceutical labs. There are also labs for pre-clinical testing, analysis and much more.

Find out more about the labs at Medicon Village »

max iv laboratory

MAX IV Laboratory is a Swedish national laboratory providing scientists with the most brilliant X-rays for research. These X-rays will be used to understand, explain and improve the world around us. They will enable the study of materials that we use today and improve them beyond the performance that we know.

Visit the bright future at Max IV »

european spallation source (ESS)

ESS will be part of the future suite of European research infrastructures providing experimental possibilities to research from both academia and industry. Research with neutrons gives us knowledge that improves our everyday lives, our health and our environment.

Find out more about ESS here »

LTH Open Door is your way in!

Lund University, Faculty of Engineering LTH, are opening their doors and giving you the opportunity to make use of their state-of-the-art equipment, facilities and networks. They have a range of different laboratories that can satisfy a wide variety of needs. You will also have access to the knowledge and expertise of their staff.

If you have a creative idea, a fledgling start-up or an established business and need access to specific equipment to help drive your ideas forward, LTH can be a natural development partner for you.

Find out more about this offer here »

laboratories at lund university

Robotics Cognition Science lab Lund University

LUCS Robotic Group investigates various cognitive abilities using computational models and robots.

See more about the Robotics lab »

The Virtual Reality lab

The Virtual Reality lab is an interdisciplinary meeting point for visualization and new interaction technologies.

Visit the VR Lab »

3d printing lab

The 3D print laboratory is a modern research facility for product development and manufacturing methodology, and a place where you can easily turn your ideas into reality.

More 3D printing here »

aerosol lab

The department’s aerosol laboratory has a wind tunnel, an experiment chamber, and a number of smaller experiment boxes.

See more about the Aerosol Lab »

Usability Lab

The usability lab can be employed in situations where one wants to observe the interplay between humans and products or between humans and humans under controlled conditions.

More about the Usability Lab »

climate lab

The laboratory for thermal environments brings together research and development work about the interplay between human beings and the climate around them.

How the Climate Lab can help »

Health sciences lab

The Health Sciences Lab is a metabolic and muscular laboratory with strong research links, which focuses on evaluating aspects of lifestyle and sport. We offer physiological testing, training advice and consulting.

Get to know the Health Sciences Lab »

humanities lab

Lab activities are centered around the humanities with research targeting issues of communication, culture, cognition and learning.

Find out more about the Humanities Lab »

aav vector lab

It is a viral vector core facility providing you with full service – the core has a long experience in the production of viral-based vectors and has become an important technological resource for researchers, providing services to non-profit institutions and academic investigators world wide.

The AAV Vector Lab »

Not sure where to start? Talk to Open Lab Skåne

Open Lab Skåne is a collaborative project between Malmö University, Lund University and SmiLe Incubator. The mission is to facilitate innovation by opening up laboratories and enabling access to equipment and expertise. Open Lab Skåne have three sites: food engineering, material science & chemistry and life science.

Main tasks of Open Lab Skåne are:

  • Enable companies to gain access to laboratory space, equipment and expertise in the fields of life science, food engineering, materials science and chemistry
  • Provide support for companies that use laboratory space and equipment within Open Lab Skåne
  • Facilitate collaboration between companies and researchers within Open Lab Skåne

Find out more about Open Lab Skåne here »

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