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Ever growing, ever changing

Ideon Science Park has changed and grown throughout it’s 35 year history and we’re still evolving. The tramway, connecting the city centre of Lund with ESS will have two stops within the park. Around one of the stops, the Ideon Square will be developed. The new centre will generate new shops, offices and services at Ideon, creating an area that is bustling with life and energy throughout all the hours of the day. The buildings created by Wihlborgs will all be certified by the highest sustainability standards to make sure that they are green and sustainable over time.

You can see more of the development plans here »

the future is ever present in lund

The city of Lund has a long history of being positive towards innovation. University and industry partnerships have led to a range of innovations being born here.

Lund has a strong base in science and innovation. It was chosen by 17 countries to be the home of the future European Spallation Source (ESS). This will revolutionise manufacturing by generating new and smarter materials.


The city is planning a new district (Lund Northeast) around ESS and the Max IV Laboratory, located close to Ideon Science Park. This district will be a test bed for sustainable living solutions and innovation. It will also be home to over 40,000 people, hopefully from all over the world.

Other planned building includes Science Village Scandinavia and a new tramway. The latter will connect the city centre, Ideon Science Park, Lund Northeast, Science Village Scandinavia, Max IV and ESS.


How do you want to get to work?

The tramway will mean quick commutes to and from Ideon for everyone working and living here. There will also be a new exit from the E22 highway that will take you directly to the heart of Ideon.

Find out more about how to get to Ideon in the best way here »

other development

new hq for axis

Axis have outgrown their offices and are developing a new headquarter for themselves in the park. It will house 1 300 of their employees in Lund.

student housing

Student housing is always in demand, so there are lots of exciting plans for additional student housing next to Ideon, which will bring more life to the park, around the clock

new apartments

Scheele promenad is housing located between Ideon and Medicon Village and will offer apartments with one up to to six bedrooms.

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