Arne Hansson becomes the new CEO of Ideon Open AB, starting May 1st. Arne has worked as Innovation Consultant at Ideon Open since 2015 with clients like Stora Enso, Bona, Sandvik, Perstorp and the Swedish Energy Agency. He has previously worked with companies such as Trelleborg AB, Mars Inc., Ericsson and Sony Ericsson. Arne has also started various companies, such as the WalkMeHome Personal Security Application, launched globally in 2012.

Arne Hansson, Ideon Open
Arne Hansson, Ideon Open

“The combined experience from both large companies and startups is an important foundation of our business and a prerequisite for being able to work effectively with open innovation and entrepreneurial methods in mature organizations,” says Arne Hansson and adds “I look forward to leading this amazing organization!”

Ideon Open’s clients concist to 80 percent from industry and 20 percent from public organizations. The company is a commission-funded, non-profit company. “Ideon Open has a mission to promote growth in business and society,” says Stephan Müchler, chairman of Ideon Open. “I look forward to working with Arne and to continue the development of this exciting and important business.”

Mats Dunmar, who started the business in 2011 and who has been instrumental in the creation of Ideon Open, will take up a new position with Skanska where he will work with the development of future homes and offices.

About Ideon Open AB

Ideon Open AB is part of Ideon Science Park and supports the Swedish industry with services and working methods based on open innovation and lean startup methods. The company is owned by Lund University, Lund Municipality and Wihlborgs AB. The chairman is Stephan Müchler, CEO of the South Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Ideon Open offers three different concepts for business development;
– ASSIGNMENTS – Challenge-driven innovation assignments tailored for each client
– WIN – a model for open innovation in networks that accelerates development through active matchmaking between innovators and companies. WIN Water and WIN Guard are well established models and WIN Energy is under development.
– BEYOND – a collaborative corporate accelerator for companies that want to develop disruptive business ideas at a high pace. Inwido, Saint Gobain/Ecophon and Alfa Laval all have one or more team in place.

For more information, please contact

Arne Hansson, Ideon Open, +46 703 194 740
Stephan Müchler, Chairman of the Board, +46 40 690 24 05

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