Next week, Ideon Open and WIN will be taking over our Instagram account. So we took the opportunity to talk to Matilda Larnert-Gauger from Ideon Open and Alice Hedin from WIN.

Alice Hedin WIN 2
Alice Hedin, WIN
Matilda Larnert-Gauger Ideon Open 2
Matilda Larnert-Gauger, Ideon Open









Hello, Matilda and Alice, can you tell me about the teams working at WIN and Ideon Open?

“People at Ideon Open call themselves open innovation navigators. They all have in common a way of entrepreneurial thinking and a passion for innovation. They use their substantial experience in initiating and leading open innovation projects as well as their skills as entrepreneurs and business developers. They are working with the goal to add growth to existing businesses with lean start-up thinking and open innovation in large enterprises”, says Matilda.

“In the WIN team there are people with various backgrounds and competences, providing different input and solutions. For example they are engineers, experts within financing, marketing and communication, and business development, as well as researchers and experts within WIN’s focus areas”, Alice explains.

“The management team of Ideon Open, including WIN, consists of some true Ideon profiles. For instance, Mats Dunmar, Patrik Söderlund and Maria Sätherström Lantz have had important roles in shaping Ideon Science Park, Ideon Innovation and JOIN Business & Technology AB“, Matilda adds.


Organisation at Ideon Open
Organisation at Ideon Open

Can you tell me more about your companies and what you do?

“Ideon Open was started about five years ago and can be described as an open innovation agency. There are three parts of the organization: Ideon Open Assignments, WIN and Beyond. Ideon Open Assignments works mainly with large companies and organizations in the public sector. They assist companies in creating a team with internal developers and outside experts from around the world. This team collaborates to find optimized solutions for specific innovation challenges. This way they can reach beyond what they would achieve internally on their own”, Matilda explains.

“Beyond is an accelerator environment where multinational companies can run external innovation projects that are outside of their core business. They bring together a team with internal resources, consultants and other individuals selected for their specific project. This qualified mix of people work together in the Beyond environment, guided by the Ideon Open team. In team sessions they can also practice pitching their project to the decision makers in their companies. After three months the company can decide to either continue working with the project, or move on to a new project”, Matilda adds.

“The third part of Ideon Open is WIN, which started six years ago as “Water Innovation Accelerator” (WIN), now known as WIN Water. WIN Water is an open innovation marketplace and business network within the water sector. WIN Water helps new innovations get faster access to the water market. The network has now grown to more than 70 members, including small innovative companies as well as large corporations, universities, water utilities and more – including the whole chain of water-related industry” Alice says.

“The partners are represented by the private sector with companies and large corporations, the public sector with municipalities and public utilities and the academy with universities and research institutes. They all represent the market need for new solutions and innovations. The partners get a good view of trends and business intelligence; WIN can be an eye opener for what is possible and which technologies could replace the outdated ones. Partners contribute to WIN by providing support to innovation companies, facilitating market access and providing test beds, in addition to personal and  financial contributions as members” Alice explains.

“In October 2016 WIN had the opportunity to start a new innovation platform within the area of civil security together with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) and this is called WIN Guard. Recently WIN started a collaboration with the Swedish Energy Agency to create a new network platform for innovation within the energy area. The three networks share several challenges and potentially also solutions” Alice concludes.

The goal of WIN is to increase the speed of change within all these areas.

What are you going to show us next week?

“Follow the Instagram feed next week to explore the environment at our office and a get glimpse of a regular week at Ideon Open – some days the office is crowded, some days it is very quiet. On Monday we will show Ideon Open Assignments, on Tuesday and Wednesday Beyond will be in focus, and on Thursday and Friday the turn comes to WIN. The WIN days will include a few snap shots from WIN partner meetings” Matilda finishes.

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