Ideon Science Park opens soft landing opportunity for international organizations that want to establish themselves on the Swedish market and find partnerships with Swedish, innovative companies. BNU-BUCM (Beijing Normal University-Beijing University of Chinese Medicine) National University Science Park–Hengqin Innovation Institute of Science and Technology (briefly called BNU-BUCM) from Hengqin New District, Guangdong Province, China, is the first tenant to enter the soft landing office at Ideon.

The service is just what it sounds like, a soft landing in a new market. Soft landing is a common offer at international science parks, as a way for international companies to gradually grow into a new market. Organization or company representatives will have access to an office and office services, as well as matchmaking and help with setup of meetings with stakeholders. Ideon Science Park is now actively working with Invest in Skåne to find more opportunities for soft landing agreements this autumn.

The goal is that relationships are deepened and that tenants like BNU-BCUM and other international guests quickly realize the benefits of being more permanently placed in an innovative environment like Ideon Science Park. A soft landing agreement with BNU-BCUM is means that we are building relationships, not only with this university, but with a whole network of Chinese universities and science parks, as well as the companies in the Chinese parks, which our Ideon companies can benefit from. We hope to create many interesting connections, says Mia Rolf, CEO Ideon Science Park.

BNU-BUCM National University Science Park–Hengqin Innovation Institute of Science and Technology is a newly established science park about 30 minutes by air from Hong Kong. The purpose of the soft landing agreement is to have a base of operations in Sweden and in Skåne in order to find exciting innovations for collaboration with Chinese companies. Areas they are particularly interested in are innovations in water, energy and smart cities.

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Visit to Ideon by BNU-BUCM May 29th Names: Zhenghua Yan, Yan Liu, Yaling Jin, Mia Rolf, Guilian Ge, Xiaolong Fan.

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