Build your Business Knowledge in 5 days with Ideon Science Park & Executive Foundation Lund

Ideon Science Park, in collaboration with Executive Foundation Lund, has developed a business development program specifically tailored to the needs of Ideon companies. The goal of this program is to support companies based at Ideon with the next stage of their business development, as well help them build their professional network with a cohort of like-minded companies with a similar set of challenges. The program is industry-agnositc, rooted in academic research, and grounded in EFL’s proven pedagogy.


Information Meetings

Ideon Science Park holds regularly short information meetings, where we go through the training, practical details and answer questions. EFL will also be present, who will answer deeper questions about the content and pedagogy of the program. 

About the education – applying your new skills to your circumstances!

The program participants will meet for 5 half-days in the fall of 2023 (Prel. Start October). Each half-day session will focus on a key theme critical to the development of your company. In each session, you will focus on a lesson that can be directly applied to your business, which will also provide space to reflect and discuss your challenges with your peers. The goal is that you will then be able to apply your new skills to your business’ specific context. All of the half-day sessions (approximately 4-5 hours each) will be conducted in the morning at Ideon Science Park.


DAY 1: Organization

– Strategic organizational development for the company’s various growth phases

– Structure to support decision-making and responsibilities

– Organizational culture as support for governance and development in expansive phases of a company

– Leadership in small and medium-sized organizations

– The board’s roles and relevant competencies.


DAY 2: Finance


– Reading the income statement and balance sheet, what has the company achieved? What is the company’s financial position?

– Key figures: To understand the company’s profitability and financial position with measures and comparisons


– What information is relevant in a decision-making process? The concepts of sunk cost and alternative cost

– The importance of the cost structure for how the company is affected by volume change: fixed and variable costs


DAY 3: Leadership and strategy

– How do we get an overview of our business environment and competitors?

– Strategy in small and medium-sized companies – how is this work conducted most efficiently?

– Resource-based strategic development

– The importance of competitive advantages for success

– Leadership as coordination and organizational culture as our greatest asset

– The difference between leadership and leadership

– The relationship between leadership and growth


DAY 4: Financing for company growth

– What does financing our business mean?

– Why is there a need for capital / financing?

– What forms of financing are there?

– How can our company assess the profitability of investments and the cost of different forms of investment?


DAY 5: The customer and the market

– Marketing strategies

– Target group analysis and route selection

– Marketing planning

Diploma from EFL

After completion of the programme, participants will receive a diploma. With EFL’s connection to the School of Economics and Management at Lund University, and its 50 years as a market leader in management, business development, leadership, and board development in the region, the foundation ensures that your performance maintains the high standards of excellence and is widely recognized in business.



Ideon Science Park has negotiated a sliding-scale price for Ideon companies, based on the number of participants. In order to maintain the quality of teaching, spots are capped at 22. The course requires a minimum of 15 participants, to guarantee a pedagogically sound education, based on active engagement amongst participants. One company can send several participants if needed.

Price per person : SEK 7,500 + VAT* (Needs at least 15 participants to start the course)

*Course literature is not included.



Contact Rosa Özgen Sundin, Project Manager, Ideon Science Park

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