The 3 most frequently asked questions (and answers) about Nearshoring

September 19, 2018Guides and tips, Offer

Today, geographical and cultural barriers around the world are changing. Companies ranging in size from giants to the startup down the hall are routinely engaged in offshoring, not only for manufacturing, but for services as well. Lately though, companies have turned their attention to an alternative that is proving to be an attractive middle road between in housing and offshoring.

What exactly is “Nearshoring”?

Nearshoring means that an organization decides to transfer work to companies that are less expensive and geographically closer. Using this model allows businesses to move their operations to a closer, more cost-effective location, or transferring a portion of their labor to a foreign nation within close geographical proximity.

Nearshoring vs. Offshoring: What’s the difference?

Nearshoring means that the business has shifted work to a lower cost organization, but within its own region, like for instance to the Baltic region.

Offshoring involves moving work to an organization in another part of the world in order to reduce production costs. It’s become a global trend for a good many reasons. You stand to maintain or even increase productivity while simultaneously reducing costs.

Why should I Nearshore?

Three reasons:

  1. Many operational expenses (like air travel and shipping expenses) can be reduced with nearshoring.
  2. Unlike offshoring, outsourcing to nations as close in proximity as Lithuania and Denmark allows a business to understand workflow expectations, while providing consumers with the service and experts they’ve come to expect in a global market.
  3. By reducing time differences and distance, nearshoring provides the opportunity to communicate and maintain cultural and ethical ties between geographically separated groups of employees. When barriers are reduced, productivity increases.

Ready to Get Started?

Want to know more and find out how to get started? Contact Baltic Assist, a company with offices in Sweden and Lithuania.

Learn more about Baltic Assist and how they can best serve your company by emailing Adomas Klimantas or by visiting the Baltic Assist website.

Baltic Assist was founded by Per Moller and Andzej Rynkevic. Per Moller has served as the Managing Partner of EY both in the Baltics and Denmark. Andzej Rynkevic has previously worked for Barclays Technology Centre in Lithuania.

Bejing Normal University moves into Ideon Science Park

September 5, 2018News, Offer

Ideon Science Park opens soft landing opportunity for international organizations that want to establish themselves on the Swedish market and find partnerships with Swedish, innovative companies. BNU-BUCM (Beijing Normal University-Beijing University of Chinese Medicine) National University Science Park–Hengqin Innovation Institute of Science and Technology (briefly called BNU-BUCM) from Hengqin New District, Guangdong Province, China, is the first tenant to enter the soft landing office at Ideon.

The service is just what it sounds like, a soft landing in a new market. Soft landing is a common offer at international science parks, as a way for international companies to gradually grow into a new market. Organization or company representatives will have access to an office and office services, as well as matchmaking and help with setup of meetings with stakeholders. Ideon Science Park is now actively working with Invest in Skåne to find more opportunities for soft landing agreements this autumn.

The goal is that relationships are deepened and that tenants like BNU-BCUM and other international guests quickly realize the benefits of being more permanently placed in an innovative environment like Ideon Science Park. A soft landing agreement with BNU-BCUM is means that we are building relationships, not only with this university, but with a whole network of Chinese universities and science parks, as well as the companies in the Chinese parks, which our Ideon companies can benefit from. We hope to create many interesting connections, says Mia Rolf, CEO Ideon Science Park.

BNU-BUCM National University Science Park–Hengqin Innovation Institute of Science and Technology is a newly established science park about 30 minutes by air from Hong Kong. The purpose of the soft landing agreement is to have a base of operations in Sweden and in Skåne in order to find exciting innovations for collaboration with Chinese companies. Areas they are particularly interested in are innovations in water, energy and smart cities.

Want to know more about our soft landing-service? Contact us!

Visit to Ideon by BNU-BUCM May 29th Names: Zhenghua Yan, Yan Liu, Yaling Jin, Mia Rolf, Guilian Ge, Xiaolong Fan.

Worried about GDPR? We have a checklist for you

August 24, 2017Guides and tips, News, Offer

In May 2018, the new general data protection regulation (GDPR) will enter into force. This might make you worried about what to do and where to start, but don’t worry, Laurita Krisciunaite from Sällberg & Co has put together a checklist that you can follow to get an overview of the work you have in front of you. So let’s get started!

The GDPR largely resembles the current personal data act, but it will also bring some changes. Even though we have had the personal data act for a long time, the management of personal data has not been ideal. This becomes quite obvious when considering that the most commonly used paragraph is called “the abuse rule”. This means that most Swedish companies, authorities and organizations now face a major change in their management of personal data.

By now you should be reviewing what actions you need to take in your organization, in order to cost-effectively and efficiently adapt your business to the new general data protection regulation. The majority of the changes that have to take place should be done before the regulation is in play (and in some cases even before additional Swedish legislation is added). Some organizations will have a lot to do, others less. For this reason, we have created a checklist that you can follow to get an overview of the work you have before you.

1. Prepare and inform the organization

A thorough analysis of the current situation is an important success factor for each GDPR customization project. Personal data management rarely belongs to the core business of a company or organization, but as it is normally done in various parts of the organization, it is simplest if the project is led by the senior executive body. The reason for this is that they have an overview of the business and can easily determine what special needs you have, what resources are available and who will take the main responsibility for the remaining work. Next, you have to make sure to inform, and to different degrees educate, the co-workers in your company.

2. Take stock and document

The next step is to review what personal data you manage in your organization. Sensitive personal data requires you to be extra meticulous in your work. Examine any personal data that adds value or is critical to your business – and that you are entitled to retain – and delete everything else. You must ensure that you are fulfilling the requirements set up in the regulation for each set of information that you wish to keep and make sure that you have a clear purpose for why the data is kept.

3. Keep you customers informed

Once you have decided what personal data you want to keep, you should inform the physical persons whose information you have stored and inform them about:

  • What rights they have
  • How you manage their data
  • Why the data is stored
  • On what legal basis you are doing this
  • How long the data will be stored

You must also inform the data subjects, whose personal information you received from someone else (for example, purchased customer lists) or if you start using information that you collected for another, prior purpose.

This may seem a bit overwhelming, but it is better to be on the safe side, since the penalty fees can reach up to 4 % of your annual turnover. If you start early, you will on addition be able keep good relations with your customers by showing them that you take responsibility for their personal information.

4. Review you collaborations

You need to review collaborations you have with other parties where you share personal data. Do you have subcontractors or do you act as a subcontractor? Make sure that you have data processing agreements in place that regulate your obligations and rights (and appropriately regulate the risks since, according to GDPR, you are jointly responsible for many incidents).

5. Set up processes for the future

The regulation places high demands on organizational and technical safety proceedings. You need to review your systems and what additional actions that will be needed to ensure compliance with the regulation. Be sure to educate your staff, create processes and internal policies on how to handle personal information within your organization, ranging from how to obtain consent to how to delete personal data.

Don’t be afraid, get ahead

Initially, the regulation may seem overwhelming, but do not be afraid of it. The most important thing is to get started early and to take action. Ultimately, it will be a battle for the customer’s trust, as much of the data management in the future will be done based on consent. By doing this job early, you can win big market shares and create much closer relationships with your customers.

Want to know more? Contact Sällberg & Co!

Sällberg & Co is an entrepreneurial business law firm. At the moment, we are focusing on helping companies, authorities and organizations to adapt their business to the new general data protection regulation. We offer courses, consulting services and a proprietary IT solution, we help you to write and review your agreements, perform GAP-analyzes and data protection impact assessments, and much more.

Together with the IT company OMMH Scandinavia and external investors, we have developed GDPR Hero. It is a cloud-based tool that will help both small and large companies, but also authorities to comply with the regulation. GDPR Hero helps you to keep records of your personal data management. You also get access to checklists, standard agreements, news coverage and much more.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more or are interested in our tool and services!

Phone: +46 46 273 17 17

A quick introduction to GDPR Hero

Innovative Cleantech Companies Eager to Grow – Check Nordic Cleantech Accelerator

June 12, 2017Offer, Startups

Are you an innovative cleantech entrepreneur with one of the following goals:

  • Attract investments
  • Expand globally or
  • Enter into strategic industrial partnerships?

If you answered yes to at least one of the goals, then sign up for the Nordic Cleantech Accelerator.

Cleantech Scandinavia runs an internationally established network of investors, industrials and public actors, all with an interest in Nordic Cleantech. In the Accelerator, we open you possibilities through this network in the forms of a global growth plan, lead generation, exclusive meetings, showcases in global cleantech hotspots and training on specific country markets, such as China.

Who can apply?

  • Your company should work within the cleantech sector, more specifically in one of the four areas: 1) Advanced & Sustainable Materials, 2) Smart Industry & Energy, 3) Real Estate & Construction, or 4) Smart City Solutions
  • You product/service should be ready to sell

We take interests by the end of June so make sure you act fast. Email Magnus at or Fredrik at if you wish to get more details or book a meeting.

About Cleantech Scandinavia

Cleantech Scandinavia offers services in a range of areas for cleantech companies, international investors, industries, cities, state agencies and service providers. They offer investors, industries and cities to become members, providing access to some 1000 Nordic cleantech companies, business intelligence, visibility and much more.

Does your company have the right insurance coverage? Use this checklist to find out

May 11, 2017Guides and tips, Offer

Annette Gustafsson is an Insurance Broker at AssuransSelector. They offer professionally negotiated insurance solutions, often in collaboration with London underwriters, based on global reinsurance plans that Swedish insurers usually cannot offer.

Annette Gustafsson, AssuransSelector
Annette Gustafsson, AssuransSelector

 “I think development companies should review these three key points in terms of insurance,” Annette says. She is the company’s representative at Ideon, where she has helped many companies to limit their risks within IT, med tech, drug development and clinical studies.

1 – Budget to enforce your patents

Comment from Annette: To get a patent in ten countries costs over one million SEK. It is easy to forget that it costs about the same amount to maintain the patent for ten years. A patent process in Sweden costs SEK 3-4 million or more. In the US, it costs at least SEK  6-10 million. So when you budget for patents, remember to review if you can afford to stop an infringement of your patent? Or if you can protect yourself, if you happen to infringe someone else’s patent? Get help to negotiate the right insurance solutions that cover this as well.

2 – With IPO, risk exposure also increases

Comment from Annette: It is easy to forget that with a board assignment follows personal responsibility for the company’s commitments. We see in our work how the ownership after a stock market introduction increases from a small number of people to a large number, and thus increases the risk exposure. Do not forget to get an insurance cover for the CEO and the board. Sometimes young companies find it difficult to get insurance because they cannot show enough positive financial statements, but there are opportunities for them too.

3 – We have signed an agreement, but does the insurance cover the commitments we make?

Comment from Annette: Signing agreements can be complicated in itself. But if you do notexplore the risks that the agreement can entail, the consequences can be really unpleasant.Therefore, it is important that you always look over the liability insurance before signing major business deals.

We’ll guide you through the jungle

Assurans Insurance can help you negotiate the best insurance solution for your business, whether you are a startup, medium-sized or large company, whether you have customers in Skåne or globally. Our focus is always on our customers, as well as continuously offering competitive solutions for high-tech companies in new areas. Understanding our customers’ operations is a vital part of our business and a necessity for providing optimal insurance solutions. Contact Annette Gustafsson, who is at Ideon in Beta 5 to hear more about what services they can offer your company: phone + 46 76 102 25 53 or by mail at Find out more at


Join Medicon Valley Alliance with a special Ideon discount

May 10, 2017News, Offer

Medicon Valley Alliance (MVA) is a non-profit membership organization in the Danish-Swedish life science cluster Medicon Valley, which is a part of Greater Copenhagen. Their 240+ members employ approximately 160.000 people and include the region’s leading universities, hospitals, and private sector life science industry. MVA serve as the regional life science professional “market place” for the exchange of knowledge, networks and contacts and they create value for their members by hosting, promoting and facilitating meetings, networks, seminars, conferences and projects, that serve to strengthen professional collaboration in the regions life science eco-system.

Ideon discount on the membership

Some Ideon companies are already full, upgraded members and can enjoy all the benefits of membership, including free access to all MVA events, discount on registration for selected life science conferences, access to the discounts in the MVA Member Benefit program and the ability to participate in networks such as MVA Executive Club and Medicon Valley Alliance Oncology Network free of charge.

MVA considers the Danish and Swedish Science park based companies an important part of the regional life science eco-system, and in 2017 further activities will be directed at or initiated in cooperation with Ideon. Consequently, they now offer existing as well as new life science based companies a 20 % discount on the 2017-basis membership fee, which is 6600 DKK annually.

Upcoming events with MVA

  • Nordic Life Science Days September 12-14th: The largest Nordic partnering conference dedicated to the life science industry, this year in Malmö. MVA members is offered a 20% discount on all registration fees, company presentations and innovation posters.
  • Medical Device Regulation 2017 September 19-20th: The annual forum for the medical device industry focusing on current and future regulation of medical devices, and the practical challenges compliance with the legislation gives companies in the medical device industry. MVA members is offered a 20% discount on the registration fee.
  • MVA Microbiome Summit 2017 October 4-5th: Brings together microbiome scientists and companies to define the state of microbiome research in life science and provides opportunities for collaborations in this emerging multidisciplinary field of science.

Visit the webpage to learn more about how you can benefit from a membership of Medicon Valley Alliance.



Welcome to the Yes Day

March 8, 2017News, Offer

Today, on International Women’s Day, we invite you to the Yes Day. Ideon Innovation and Ideon Science Park are arranging a day that celebrates entrepreneurship in a broader perspective, and most of the participating contractors as well as the speakers are women.

The reason is that only 10% of venture capital goes to women and only three of the VCs on AllBrights list (total 92 companies) have female partners.

The speakers include Jan Sook Lotta Brattin, founder of Acne Jeans, Eva Ekedahl, founder of Karriärpodden and Women for Leaders and Elisabeth Brevenson, founder Beepsend. Karriärpodden with thousands of listeners will send live from the event. The goal is that everyone who comes – men and women – will be inspired and say Yes to entrepreneurship.

Sign up here!

Looking for a new challenge? Join us at the ICT Job Fair

February 24, 2017News, Offer

On March 30th the Employment Agency, Lund Municipality and Ideon Science Park are hosting their tenth ICT Job Fair.

Do you need new competences to your company? We invite you to an event where you can easily and smoothly find new employees!

Time: Thursday 30th of March 10:00 – 13:00, be there at 09.00 if you are a recruiter.

Location: Ideon Agora, Scheelevägen 15, Lund

This is a free of charge event for everyone hunting for a new job. So bring your CV and join us!

See who is hiring at the ICT Fair

How Volvo Cars are working to face the challenges in the auto industry

January 28, 2017News, Offer

Henrik Svensson from Volvo Cars was the first presenter at Future Transportation Square here at Ideon Science Park. Volvo Cars are going through a major transformation in how they are developing products, and a lot of that concerns software. That is one of the reasons why Volvo Cars chose to open an office in Lund, there is a lot of competence within software and connectivity here.

“There is a major transformation in the auto industry right now and the four big trends that are shaping our future are connectivity, autonomous driving, electrification and sharing” says Henrik.

The customer experience is everything

One of the challenges today is that the software and services sets the tone for the customer experience.

“We need to rethink the way we are working with our suppliers going forward. Gone are the days when an order is placed with lots of specifications and then delivered and installed. There needs to be a close collaboration in order for us to develop great software with quick updates, they are key in giving the customer a great experience”.

Henrik talked about an early venture of adding software solutions to their cars, but having minor success, until it was possible to connect them with smartphones, like starting the heater with an app on cold days. “The service was there, but there were no tools to utilize them in the right way”. Now the tools are there and there are many possible applications, like route prediction and crowdsourcing of maps to alert other drivers of accidents, roadworks and so on. But in order for these services to really take off, a standard API for cars is needed.

There were several questions in the meeting, here are a few

In order to develop new software with open source, is there a need for standards in order to make it work?

“Open source is a collective standardization project, but there is definitely a need for standards. It would make it possible for all suppliers to build great, connected solutions for our customers.”

What is the biggest bottleneck when it comes to connectivity?

”The problem is standardization, as there is no one standard today that the authorities or the industry has agreed on. We would prefer the car-to-car communication to be cloud based in order for us to build smart solutions. In the US there is a proposal on legislating the car-to-car sharing and wifi standard. If introduced, that would have a major impact on the industry.”

What opportunities are you looking for in Lund and Skåne?

”Solutions for driver identification and sensors, both within and outside the car.  We need solutions to identify the different drivers so that it is possible to predict and plot a route adapted for that person. The goal is for the car to learn the patterns of the different drivers, so that they don’t have to change the settings every time. Machine learning is important for the experience.”

Join us at the next Future Transportation Square

The last Tuesday of the month we gather at Business Lounge in Beta House, Scheelevägen at 08:30. See all details here.