District heating can make use of a lot of unused potential in the smart city

November 8, 2017Uncategorized

Energy Opticon were talking at Smart City Square this week and the focus was on smart energy solutions. The company has been at Ideon since 1989 and has a lot of experience in this area.

Moa Dahlman Truesdale, Energy Opticon

“There are so many places in the city where you can extract energy”, said Moa Dahlman Truesdale about the possibility to get more residual heat from the industry and buildings in the cities.

Today the energy industry is facing major changes and new challenges. In recent years, the economic situation of the cogeneration plants is changed. It is increasingly difficult to earn income from electricity. The reason for this change is the breakthrough of renewable energy, primarily wind- and secondarily solar power. For cogeneration plants, this means that it has become harder to get income from the sale of electricity produced and increasingly complex operating conditions in production. At the same time, it is not possible to increase the price of district heating to customers when there are other financially interesting options. It is important to acquire new forms of revenue and reduce costs.

“To cope with these changes, the industry need to focus on the opportunities within digitalization, a flexibilible mindset and more collaboration”, Moa said.

About our speaker – Moa Dahlman Truesdale

Moa Dahlman Truesdale is Chief Financial Officer at Energy Opticon. Her main area of responsibility is to lead and develop the company and the employees. She also plays an important role in formulating and implementing Energy Opticon’s financial strategies, designing the company’s future focus and supporting tactical initiatives, working with and executing strategic business plans, managing capital and budgeting processes, seeking funding and achieving financial goals. She is also Vice Chairman of Energy Opticon’s Board and sits on the boards of Sustainable Business Hub and SweHeat. She has a background with a M.Sc. in European affairs and three different BAs from the United States. On her spare time, she is a dance teacher.

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