Challenge driven focus areas

Meeting the challenges of the future requires a variety of competencies


Ideon Science Park has a diverse set of competencies within connectivity, ICT, Life science, cleantech, medtech, smart material and food innovation. In a world of disruptive business models, this diversity is our major strength. We have grouped these competences in four focus areas, but we always strive to find new solutions and innovations together across the areas, in Open Innovation style.

Our Focus areas


Connectivity, Autonomous vehicles, electrification and car sharing, all major trends that are shaping the future of transportation. This will also have a major impact on city planning.

Volvo Cars, LOGE, TerraNet, Bosch and Sigma Connectivity are some companies working with solutions for Future Transportation here at Ideon.

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The area of Smart Cities is wide and spans everything from sustainable solutions, lighting, sensors and big data to social entrepreneurship and behavioural studies.
At Ideon, we support our companies in their effort to grow their business in this area, but we are also trying to connect them with each other, key players and decision makers, and cluster organisations like WIN, Packbridge and Future by Lund.

Ericsson, Combain, Sensefarm, Sony and Bosch are some of the companies working with solutions for Smart Cities here at Ideon.

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Smart Materials

We have chosen a broader interpretation of Smart Materials, not only being material that changes properties as a result of external input, but also including new materials and new applications, as there is a need for materials that are lightweight, have certain functionalities, performances or easy maintenance as well. 3D-printing and prototyping are a major part of this focus area.

In this area we also include the research on how to use certain materials, such as the research conducted at MAX IV and in the future at ESS as well. Read more about these facilities at World Class Labs »

ESS, MAX IV, Lund University, Big Science Sweden, RISE, Dassault Systems, Serstech and Ideon Open are some of the companies working with Smart materials. We are also working closely with cluster organisations like Packbridge and IUC South.

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We focus on what Healthtech can do and how it can be used by healthcare system and patients. This area includes web based connections with doctors and pharmacists, smart watches to monitor your health, AI to spot potential risk groups, robots, 3D printed exoskeletons and much more.

We have 70 companies within life science and 30 of them focus on Healthtech. AppInMed, BoneSupport, Sigma Connectivity, Tendo and Exini are some of the companies working with Healthtech.

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