#INSTATAKEOVER │ Next week, the startup Renjer will take us behind the scenes when they take over our Instagram account. We talked to co-founder Alex Kirchmaier to find out more about who they are and what they will be showing us.

What can you tell me about Renjer? Who are you?

We are Alex Kirchmaier, Tim Schulz and Anton Vänskä, three former students of Lund University who are now running the startup Renjer at VentureLab. We have developed wild jerky snacks from reindeer, elk and deer and we recently signed a contract with a private investor from Germany, which will help us scale up our production.

How did you come up with your idea?

Tim came to Lund to study Entrepreneurship, and initially thought he would end up in a team developing an application or a website, as most entrepreneurs do nowadays. When he had to come up with a list of business ideas, a phone call with his father reminded him of a previous holiday in northern Sweden where he had tried some fantastic dried reindeer. Without taking this idea too serious however, he put it on his list and a few days later pitched it to his peers in class. Right afterwards, Anton and Alex approached him, since they found this idea interesting, even though it seemed a bit quirky at first. The three of them made a few experiments with reindeer meat and soon decided that reindeer jerky is a unique product and so delicious that it should not be kept from the market. And so the story of Renjer began…

You are a part of the student incubator VentureLab here at Ideon,what’s it like?

It’s great, we can share ideas and get feedback from others. We love the spirit and energy here!

What will you be showing us on Instagram next week? 

We will show you more of what we do, how we work and maybe even take you along on a tasting as well!

Find out more about Renjer

Follow Renjer on our Instagram here

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