Ingvar Kamprad
Ingvar Kamprad

Today we send our warm thoughts to Ingvar Kamprad’s family and colleagues at Ikea. Did you know that this legendary entrepreneur was a key person in the creation of Ideon? Their investment and ownership of the real estate company of Ideon was the reason the buildings Alfa and Gamma could be built.

“The building Kuvösen was my requirement if we were going to build Ideon. I think we really need to help young entrepreneurs with low rent and cheap assistance with law, bookkeeping and telephone services, Ingvar Kamprad said in an interview with Sydsvenskan in 2008, about what is now called the incubator Ideon Innovation.

Ingvar considered it important that university research should be linked to business, and a science park should be able to help with this. This ambition is just as true today and we include Ingvar Kamprad’s curious and entrepreneurial spirit in our work for the future.

Ideon-skylt, foto Per Lindström
Photo: Per Lindström


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