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Millions Raining Over Startups in Skåne | Ideon Science Park

The availability of capital is a dynamic process that can vary significantly depending on individual investors or venture capital firms. Factors such as general risk appetite, economic conditions, and time of the year also play a crucial role in capital procurement. It’s important to note that the process of raising capital for a startup takes considerably longer than entrepreneurs typically anticipate when initially starting the process.


Ideon Science Park, in collaboration with the incubators Minc, Hetch, Krinova, and the governmental venture capital company Saminvest, has initiated Skåne Ventures. This is an angel investment company owned by approximately 60 business angels/family offices and administered by the incubators. Through this initiative, selected companies meeting the investment criteria can receive early-stage financing on favorable terms. Only companies from the incubators can apply for funding during the years 2024 and 2025, and the total amount of money availabe is approximately 30 million SEK.

”At Ideon Science Park we stand ready to support early-stage startups through Skåne Ventures, who can provide tickets to the amount of 500,000SEK. The total amount secured is 33.6 million SEK in investment capital and Skåne Ventures has become one of Sweden’s largest investment structures for early-stage startups. This is a good example of joined forces within the innovation ecosystem.”

Rickard Mosell

Senior Advisor & Investor Relations, Ideon Science Park


We regularly organize local demo days and pitch events together with other actors in our network. We offer bi-weekly professional pitch training to ensure our companies always have the best chances to convey their messages and secure investments. Additionally, Ideon Science Park also coordinates various delegations to major international startup events such as CES, VivaTech, TechBBQ, Web Summit, Slush, among others. If you are interested in traveling with us to attend these events, please read more here

Furthermore, we continiously collaborate with national incubator and science park networks like SISP, Connect Syd (one of Sweden’s largest business angel networks), Region Skåne (Invest in Skåne), Almi Invest, Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley, several family offices, venture capital firms, and corporate finance firms. This enables us to offer the most diverse range of financing options tailored to the individual needs of each company.

We have an extensive formal and informal network that provides access to numerous family offices and investors both locally and nationally as well as internationally. In summary, we provide one of the best and fastest routes to financing for every startup or scaleup in our region.

Get in touch with us! For more information and to get connected, please contact Rickard Mosell + 46 709 70 88 76

I am entirely convinced that it was thanks to our pitch that we managed to secure nine million instead of three in our first round. Four of us have undergone pitch training. Our pitches are now excellent.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect was building up the pitch, learning how to do it, and then testing and receiving feedback in iterations. It has allowed us to refine it. Pitching has truly been one of the most valuable things we take away from Ideon. We are all scientists and have no experience in building companies.

Our team was not prepared to pitch new technology to giant companies worldwide. We were complete amateurs in the beginning, and we didn’t realize it. Building a good pitch is quite an art. And now we’ve got it.

Jonas Sundqvist

Co-founder and CEO, AlixLabs


Almi Business Loans

With Almi Business loans it is easier to finance your business investments. It can mean entering a new market, develop your product or invest in production equipment. We put no formal restrictions on how the loan will be used, we listen to each client’s specific conditions.

Find out more about Almi here »

There are also many banks in the park who are experts in helping a business with everything from insurance to loans, you can find them in our company list

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There are two types of crowdfunding – reward-based crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding. In the first type, users can back projects they like and get a physical product or service in return, sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are typical examples of this. In the second example, equity crowdfunding, you become a shareholder of the company and can benefit from future returns the startups might be able to provide to investors.

One of these platforms is Pepins, Sweden’s biggest platform for crowdfunding. Do you think you might be ready for crowdfunding? Talk to us and we will connect you!

Business Angels

Connect brings together growth companies with capital and vital expertise and contacts. In the Southern Region, we have a business angel network of 120 business angels and in Sweden in total, we have about 400 members.

Connect will match entrepreneurs with the Experts, Networks and Capital, and focus on growth business in an early or established phase.

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Venture Capital

Almi Invest invests in companies with scalable business ideas and opportunities for long-term growth. Before making an investment decision Almi make an initial assessment of you and your team’s ability to build growth companies, the milestones that you have to have achieved so far and how you will manager to scale up your business nationally and internationally.

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BGA Invest focus on local or regional companies with growth potential. BGA always has a long term plan and with the ambition to list the company.

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