Support every step of the way

Ideon has 35 years of history of supporting growing companies. Today, over 400 companies are located here with 9 000 energetic entrepreneurs working hard to create the future.

Depending on where you are in the development of your business, we offer different kinds of support, what support do you need?

At Ideon, you are not just renting office space, you are a part of the family. You will get access to a great innovation ecosystem and get a quality stamp on your brand.

Starting your business

Wondering if your idea or your team is the next big thing? We have the place and the support you need to find out. At Ideon, you will find great organisations who will help you get started!

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SCALE UP your business

Feeling confident with your business and ready for more action? Bigger things lie ahead. Get the toolkit right and partner up. Or perhaps you are ready to take on the world? Want to scaleup for real? Make sure the engine is strong enough to support you all the way.

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the big brand support

With the Ideon Mentorship Program we want to connect the experienced leaders in the park with entrepreneurs who want to learn how to grow their business. The mentors, the experienced leaders, have serious scale-up skills to teach and important connections to offer to the right mentee. By helping each other they can both grow

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New innovations for your business

Made your innovation journey some time ago? Never stop changing. We have the support you need to stay ahead.

Smarter together through Open Innovation

Ideon Open are our resident experts on Open Innovation. They use collaboration and co-creation to reignite entrepreneurship in your company.

Challenge driven innovation services giving you the power to see hidden opportunities and maximize potential, in both your company and your co-workers.

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Innovate Beyond corporate limits

Beyond is a corporate accelerator and one of a kind. This collaborative corporate co-creation environment offers companies to harness the power of open innovation to share ideas, networks and experiences in order to enhance their capacity to innovate.

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