The scaleup support

Scaleup support in the park

Feeling confident with your business and ready for more action? Bigger things lie ahead. Get the toolkit right and partner up. Or perhaps you are ready to take on the world? Want to scaleup for real? Make sure the engine is strong enough to support you all the way.

Join the CEO Network

Here’s your chance to meet great contacts, perhaps even a collaboration partner? The network is only open for CEOs or site managers of companies that have an office space or an R&D team here at Ideon Science Park.

Each meeting offers trendspotting from exciting innovation companies as well as networking and discussions about the future development in and around the park.

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Ideon Takeoff

After leaving the incubator, you might not feel ready to get your own office just yet. Not to worry, Ideon Takeoff is the perfect place to land. Here, you share the office environment with other companies and you can rent up to six desks as your company keeps growing.

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Exploring new markets

Business Sweden has offices with both Swedish and native consultants in nearly 50 of the world’s most interesting markets. Find out more about what they can do for you »

Being a part of Ideon Science Park means that you are connected to a big network of science parks in Sweden and the rest of the world. Are you interested in a specific market? Talk to us and we will connect you to the nearest science park!

Strategic Growth

SEB Scaleup Academy does not invest in your business. But they do teach you best practice on how to scale up your business. It is a twelve month program that helps you take the next steps in your development.

Find out more on the program here »

Learn from the best

Ideon mentorship program

Scaleup companies in the park can apply to the Ideon Mentorship Program, where successful entrepreneurs support a mentee for a period.

Looking for investments?

Feeling confident with your business and ready for more action? Perhaps you are ready to take on the world? Make sure the engine is strong enough to support you all the way. Whether it is a business loan, public funding or investment from a business angel, you can find the right connections here.

Almi Business Loans

With Almi Business loans it is easier to finance your business investments. It can mean entering a new market, develop your product or invest in production equipment. We put no formal restrictions on how the loan will be used, we listen to each client’s specific conditions.

Find out more about Almi here »

There are also many banks in the park who are experts in helping a business with everything from insurance to loans, you can find them in our company list

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There are two types of crowdfunding – reward-based crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding. In the first type, users can back projects they like and get a physical product or service in return, sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are typical examples of this. In the second example, equity crowdfunding, you become a shareholder of the company and can benefit from future returns the startups might be able to provide to investors.

One of these platforms is Pepins, Sweden’s biggest platform for crowdfunding. Do you think you might be ready for crowdfunding? Talk to us and we will connect you!

Business Angels

Connect brings together growth companies with capital and vital expertise and contacts. In the Southern Region, we have a business angel network of 120 business angels and in Sweden in total, we have about 400 members.

Connect will match entrepreneurs with the Experts, Networks and Capital, and focus on growth business in an early or established phase.

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Venture Capital

Almi Invest invests in companies with scalable business ideas and opportunities for long-term growth. Before making an investment decision Almi make an initial assessment of you and your team’s ability to build growth companies, the milestones that you have to have achieved so far and how you will manager to scale up your business nationally and internationally.

Find out more on Almi Invest »

BGA Invest focus on local or regional companies with growth potential. BGA always has a long term plan and with the ambition to list the company.

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Focus on one market at a time. That was a great learning for us at Storytel when we wanted to expand our business.

Jon Hauksson

co-founder, Storytel

You will always find someone who does a better product than you do. The value long term is always customer relationships. The world would stop if we didn’t have good sales people.

Martin Gren

co-founder, Axis Communications

Additional support

Business Support

– don’t get tangled in the web

We have several companies at Ideon offering Business support to your company, everything from Patent Protection, Business Law, Recruitment Services and Accounting to PR, Web Design and Printing services.

Find the right partner for you in our company list, filter out Business Support »

Office services

At Ideon you also have access to services like Reception, IT support, Health services, Daycare, Gym and more.

Find out more about the office services here »

Cluster organisations

– driving innovation

The regional cluster organisations connect public organisations with private organisations within different areas, ranging from connectivity to smart packaging.

Find the right network for you in our company list, filter out Cluster »

Discounts and offers

We want you to be able to focus on your core business so we have negotiated great offers and discounts for our Ideon companies. They include everything from printing business cards, to leasing cars and gym memberships.

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