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Meet your customers as early on as possible. Ask them for feedback on the product, but remember that it’s not you they are criticising, it’s the product. And now you have a better understanding of what the customer wants.

Charlotta Falvin


Think big, feel that you can do it, engage people and get them involved, and act on it! And when you act, focus. Then focus, and then, focus. And make sure it works. The result of that will be success!

Pierre Elzouki

CEO, Raviteq

Startup support in the park

Wondering if your idea or your team is the next big thing? We have the place and the support you need to find out. Here are some great organisations who will help you get started!

Ideon Innovation

Ideon Innovation is a greenhouse for new ideas where we help startups grow to their dreams. 

We offer you full on support from our experienced business coaches and partners, help in reaching an international market, developing pr and marketing strategies and so much more. You get to sit in our creative office space and take part in our vast network through the many free events that are organised at Ideon Science Park. 

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Lunds Nyföretagarcentrum

At LNC you get help testing your business idea and working out your business plan. When you come to your first meeting, it’s good if you have thought about the issues we are going to discuss. What you can not do we do together!

We also offer the Start-up crash course several times per year. Check out our calendar for upcoming dates.

More about LNC here >>


The startup hub for students of Lund University!
VentureLab is Lund University’s collaborative space designed to stimulate entrepreneurship and to support students and graduates who want to start their own businesses.

Today, we meet more than 5000 students each year on our inspirational activities, receive more than 200 student ideas through idea & business meetings and provide a “home” for 40 to 50 companies each year in our incubator.

Find out more about what VentureLab can do for you >>

Innovation Skåne

We provide professional business guidance across all sectors to entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers or anyone with great ideas and the ambition to build a strong, internationally minded enterprise.

Through our strong relations with Region Skåne, the largest healthcare provider in this region, we offer exclusive help to their innovative employees as well as to external business partners, who wish to develop and commercialize new healthcare products.

Find out more about what Innovation Skåne can do for you >>

LU Innovation

At LU Innovation we help researchers and students take their ideas, products, services or methods one step further. Our aim and responsibility is to make research available to society and thereby contribute to growth. Since 1999 we have invested in over 100 new research companies that together have generated more than 3 700 man-years employment and over SEK 1.2 billion in tax revenue.

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Venture Cup is the competition for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Our purpose is to connect people with ideas with experts and the crowd, to ignite the creation of new businesses and empower the growth of Sweden. We are a nonprofit organization, and open to everyone who wants to test their business ideas. Thanks to our financial partners, we each year donate 1, 2 million SEK to creative ideas with long-term sustainable growth and verified demand from customers.

Find out more about VentureCup >>

Want to test out your idea?

The Pep platform is free for all ideon companies

Here you can test your idea and get feedback from sharp minds in and around the park.

sales can take your business much further

Ideon Marketing and Sales Network

If no one knows about your fantastic product or service, how will they ever buy it? At the Ideon Marketing and Sales network, we learn from interesting speakers on different topics. We also help each other in meetings and in our Facebook group, growing stronger, together!

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Practice your pitching skills

You can learn a lot from attending the Pitcher’s Corner where you can practice your pitch, or just learn by joining the audience. We use the NABC model to structure the pitch.

You can see all upcoming dates in the events calendar ».

Additional support

Business Support

– don’t get tangled in the web

We have several companies at Ideon offering Business support to your company, everything from Patent Protection, Business Law, Recruitment Services and Accounting to PR, Web Design and Printing services.

Find the right partner for you in our company list, filter out Business Support »

Office services

At Ideon you also have access to services like Reception, IT support, Health services, Daycare, Gym and more.

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Cluster organisations

– driving innovation

The regional cluster organisations connect public organisations with private organisations within different areas, ranging from connectivity to smart packaging.

Find the right network for you in our company list, filter out Cluster »

Discounts and offers

We want you to be able to focus on your core business so we have negotiated great offers and discounts for our Ideon companies. They include everything from printing business cards, to leasing cars and gym memberships.

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