Together we are celebrating the changemakers, researchers, driven entrepreneurs, curious students and engaged individuals who has shaped and still shape the Idea of Ideon. We are celebrating and highlighting the innovators carrying us forward with the mission to change the world to a better place.

The activities are planned for all of 2023 and we hope you will join us. Let’s celebrate 40 years in 40 days together!

Good Morning Ideon – Every tuesday JANUARY-december

Wake up and join us for our weekly open network, designed for growing your network, sharing good ideas and getting the latest news and inspiration from local industry leaders and professionals. Open for everyone with a sharp, open and entrepreneurial mind. Each week will have a theme at focus, the themes will vary between: Entrepreneurship, Growth and Global impact.

No cost and no registration.

Ideon Sharp Minds Sessions – APRIL 19th & nOVEMBER

Building a successful company out of an idea you wrote on a napkin that day you suddenly realized you had the solution to the problem with a capital P isn’t always the glamour and fame it seems to be. In fact – it’s quite possibly the exact opposite…

Sharp Minds will be an intimate, live talk show unraveling the past, present and future of four of Sweden’s most interesting entrepreneurs. They will give insights to the fantastic feelings of accomplishment and the feelings of “when you’re going through hell – keep walking!”.

A very warm welcome to Stadshallen in the heart of Lund in the evening,19th of April. Take part in the stories of success as well as the struggles of being in control of innovation and chaos that comes with it.

** This event will be held in Swedish **

Ideon Science Talk – MARCH 28th, MAY, OCTOBER & DECEMBER

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Your parents probably told you; “you shouldn’t accept candy from strangers”. Much of the same goes for digital cookies from untrusted sources.

While most data gathering is done with the intent of producing a better user experience or making data driven decisions, some may still put you at risk. What would happen if your medical history, bank account or even phone book fell into the wrong hands? What if someone knew all about your habits, routines, friends, family, interests, political or social views? What if all your deepest and darkest secrets were suddenly at the mercy of someone else – and you didn’t even know about it?

Join our science talk to get insights into the duality of data and how to protect yourself and your co-workers from breaches, without missing the great benefits of innovations like artificial intelligence and user based design?

Innovation Day – MAY 31st

Join us on a journey through time – exploring the groundbreaking innovations from Ideon Science Park.

What impact have they had around the world? Which ones have changed our daily life and our behaviours? Does change always mean improvement or can change sometimes lead to undesirable behaviours or results? What challenges are we facing now and in the future? What ideas, that seem like fiction today, will become reality in the future?

Anniversary Party – SEPTEMBER 29th

The party of the year! In September we will arrange Ideon birthday party with all of you who has made Ideon Science Park to what it is today, a vibrant environment, where more than 10 000 sharp minds and 400 companies meet every day to develop the future.

This will be a night to remember, so be there!

Sponsors & Partners

Ideon Science Park has the power to lead innovation. To power sharp minds. To inspire entrepreneurs. To change the World.

Please join us in or 40th Anniversary events.



Partnership with Ideon Science Park provides opportunities to showcase you and your brand to ideal audience. Ours is highly qualified students and professionals from universities in our region, researchers, employees in the tech industry and leaders in the innovation eco system.

Every day we meet people embracing a way of life that puts health, a sustainable climate and human rights in front, making us optimistic about the future.

Today Ideon have 400 companies and more than 10.000 people in our community.



Being part of our network gives you the opportunity to meet the unexpected partner, investor or customer. It´s in the meeting with diversified teams we see new innovations being born. And no matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else in accordance with Joy’s Law.



Nothing has more impact than shared values in brand partnerships. Ideon Science Park is committed to bringing corporate partners the distinct value of our passionate community of prominent researchers, inspiring entrepreneurs, curious students

Ideon has been fostering innovation since 1983 and have supported ground breaking innovations like Bluetooth, Proviva, Oatly, the first network surveillance camera , biometric security solutions, Digital Diagnostics support with AI, Face recognition technology, the invisible helmet, Robotic medical aid to name a few.



Ideon Science Park is through our networks and community changing the world for the better by turning bold ideas into reality and taking the lead in co-creating the world’s best innovation ecosystem.

We also believe that corporate engagement has the potential to tangibly increase brand engagement, enabling employees to be part of something bigger than themselves. This results in repeated business and long-term customer loyalty.

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