Providing newly educated ICT talent to companies at Ideon Science Park and beyond!

MatchIT has been designed to provide companies in Skåne and Blekinge with ICT educated students. The expected level of competence is at or above yrkeshögskola. A 22 week full time education will be conducted at Lunds University followed by a 10 week internship at companies around Skåne and Blekinge. The result of successful internships is to be full time employment.

Most students have a bachelor’s degree in technology. The course at Lunds University will complement this background with a second year university level education in the following areas. The focus will be Java and SQL. The participants will also learn to work with Agile methods like Scrum and XP. Participants will then go through a more advanced course in Java and a course in web-based applications and MySQL. The education concludes with a course in advanced web development in JavaScript and several frameworks such as React and Angular. All parts of the program consist of lectures, exercises, labs and real world case-work linked to companies.

Who is it for? (Can I apply?)

MatchIT is an EU funded program designed to provide supplemental ICT skills to newcomers to Sweden who already have some kind of ICT education, skills or experience. The 28 students for round one are set but, if you are interested in being a student in one of the next 2 rounds, please contact your local Arbetsförmedlingen office.

More on the program at Region Skåne


Who’s involved

There are five organizations involved at this time including the EU through its European Social Fund (ESF). Region Skåne is the project owner, Arbetsförmedlingen has been involved with the recruitment of the students and is also partnering in signing up interested companies. Lund University will be the education provider and Ideon Science Park will provide a network of companies who are interested in accepting an intern as well as participate in some of the other activities listed below.

Current status

  • The first round of students has been decided for the class at Lunds University and selection is underway in Blekinge as of June 20th, 2018. Other rounds will take place in 2019 and 2020. Exact dates to follow.
  • Round one education will begin on the 22nd of August and ending week 5 of 2019. Internships should begin week 6.

Future plans

  • Round 2 is scheduled to begin early in 2019. We will update this site with more details as they become available.

Company involvement

Ideon Science Park is proud to be a part of this project and is actively looking for companies who want to be make a difference. There are many different levels of activities, even for those who aren’t able to take in an intern.


  • Lectures/workshops for the students on subjects having to do with working in the Swedish work place
  • After works/social activities to meet and communicate with the students
  • Site visits to show the students around a few companies in Skåne
  • Case work. Presenting real life examples for the students to work on during the class time
  • Other ideas are welcome!


The goal or the MatchIT program is to find 28 internships for the 28 students. These positions will be 10 weeks long and we can provide a suggested structure for those who do not have much experience in working with interns. The goal of these internships is, provided they work out well for both parties, that the interns will be offered jobs at the completion of the 10 weeks.

More information

Do you want to get involved or are you interested in welcoming an intern? 

Contact our project manager Neal Greenspan to find out more! 
+46 702 371 399