We attract extraordinary talent, competence, experience and diversity to the facilities through conferences, events, networks and study visits. The goal is to contribute to new business possibilities, experience sharing and innovations.

See all upcoming events at Ideon. Every week there is a new set of seminars, conferences, educational courses or networking events taking place which are often free of charge for everyone.

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Why not have your next meeting at Ideon? We can host everything from short brainstorm session with only two people to big events with hundreds of attendants.

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Tech visits
We offer tailored-made programs for technical visits / study visits with professional content and shape.

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Meetings at Ideon

Pitcher´s Corner

Every other Tuesday morning, the Incubator community serves breakfast and the companies compete in the best pitch of the day! In Pitcher´s corner at Ideon Alfa 3 (Scheelevägen 15). The audience are giving immediate feed back and the winner leaves the stage with 1 000 SEK in the pocket! Interactive, not so short (09-11), but fun! See dates here

Science and Coffee

A chance to meet a real scientist and learn the latest scientific facts and knowledge. Imagine how we may incorporate this knowledge into our innovations and business ideas. The topics are widely spread and could be within our four focus areas, but also interconnected science like virtual reality, user behaviour, machine learning, international relations and physical effects of being in different environments. If there is a scientist – this is the place to find him/her.

Innovation Week

Innovation Week is a week where the focus in all South of Sweden (Skåne) is on innovation. It is run by Region Skåne as an umberella concept, but many of the innovation seminars, work shops and presentations are held at Ideon Science Park – where innovations are born. 2017 Innovation week will take place from May 29 to June 2, and will cover our four focus areas Future Transportation, Smart Cities, Connected Health and Smart Material. The grand day at Ideon Science Park is the June 1st, where amongst other happenings we will arrange a ”Bring your Robot- After Work”. Keep an eye out for that.

Cluster meetings almost every week

Are you interested in meeting other companies within your industry? There are a number of industry clusters present in the park. Mobile Heights, Nordic Connected Health star track, Material Business Center, IUC, WIN Water, WIN Guard and many more are constantly giving member meetings or open meetings within the Ideon Science Park arena.

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The Ideon Bar

Four times per year we all meet across industries, places and companies at the Ideon Bar, which is an After Work event that moves around the Ideon Science Park, to any of our many restaurants/cafes. Make sure not to miss it! For public transportation home afterwards, please consult Skanetrafiken.  

Rotary Ideon

Each Thursday, Rotary are meeting at restaurant Kryddhyllan at Ideon.

Networks at Ideon

Marketing and sales network

This network is focused on marketing and sales, trading tips and experiences. We alternate between discussing challenges within the group and inviting an external speaker who shares their knowledge and best practices to the group. 

Want to join our sales network? Contact Lotta Wessfeldt

CEO Network within Healthtech and Life Science

Together with Medicon Valley Alliance, we host a network for CEOs within Health Tech and Life Science. We talk about the challenges and opportunities within this area.

Are you interested in joining? Contact Mia Rolf.