Today, 9 November Strainlabs entered into a partnership with Vossloh. Strainlabs, known for its innovative technology, is part of a new integration platform developed by Vossloh. It transforms the railway industry and promote digitalization through “Vossloh Connect,” bringing data-driven solutions to railway infrastructure. 

The partnership, aims to enable high-track availability and efficiency. Strainlabs’ IoT solution for monitoring screw connections has strategically partnered with Vossloh, a global railway equipment company, to drive digitalization and sustainability in railway maintenance.

Vossloh Connect integrates innovative solutions on a platform where customers can monitor Strainlabs’ screws. Strainlabs has been added to Vossloh’s international sales team portfolio.

Strainlabs is one of the first partner technologies launched on Vossloh Connect. According to Pierre-Henri Bougeant, Vossloh’s Head of Digitalization: “Strainlabs introduces an innovation in connected screws to the platform.”

He further explains that with Strainlabs, it is possible to monitor the integrity of railway infrastructure with unparalleled precision, collecting real-time data on the stress and strain crucial components are subjected to. This enables proactive maintenance and improves the reliability of the railway system.

Predictive Maintenance with Strainlabs and Vossloh Connect

  • Ensuring the safety of screw connections is crucial for the functioning and safety of industrial applications. Structures often face extreme conditions, including dynamic loads and vibrations. Reactive and scheduled maintenance is time-consuming and inefficient. Strainlabs provides industrial digitalization, including real-time data, enabling predictive and condition-based maintenance. Adding Strainlabs to a maintenance routine via Vossloh connect offers several benefits:
  • Simplified digitalization journey – with Strainlabs in Vossloh connect, a common user interface and login streamline digitalization initiatives implementing multiple innovations.
  • Faster return on investment – configuration combining extensive railway maintenance experience with innovative maintenance solutions.
  • Cost-effective – an easy and efficient method to help stakeholders in the railway industry get started.

Csaba Madru, CEO and Co-founder of Strainlabs, comments on the challenges in implementing digitalization from third parties in most industries. He applauds Vossloh for creating a platform that simplifies navigation and drives digitalization forward in the railway sector. Through this partnership, Strainlabs and Vossloh aim to advance a traditional industry with efficient and sustainable maintenance methods.

Csaba Madru, CEO and Co-founder of Strainlabs.

Vossloh, a market leader in railways with a wide range of services, believes that digitalization is a key factor for the future of railways. The company is dedicated to collaborating with innovative firms and offering IoT and related solutions through a common portal, Vossloh connect.

Strainlabs has developed the world’s first IoT system for the European market using screws with an integrated sensor to automatically monitor machinery and industrial applications. The complete IoT system is available to digitize maintenance routines and issue warnings before faults occur.

The Strainlabs System is easy to install and test for new users: connect the router, mark the location of the screws, and tighten them with your regular tools. Strainlabs’ analysis software is accessed directly through Strainlabs or via Vossloh connect


Pierre-Henri Bougeant, Head of Digitalization at Vossloh.

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