Welcome to an exciting new initiative starting Thursday 9th of September @ Ideon Agora

Ideon Science Park is happy to announce that Eos Cares will be hosting a weekly language café in the Alfa building – an initiative for Ideon employees and students to practice language skills in an open and friendly environment. Eos currently hosts language cafés at their own premise for participants to improve their skills in an array of languages.

At Ideon, the language café will be a setting for employees, students and anyone else interested to improve their skills in either English or Swedish. It is also a great way to meet and connect with people from all over the park.

Reena Naser is the project manager of the language café and thinks Ideon is the perfect setting to help spread the word of their work to create a setting for social and cultural exchange in Lund.

– People want to find a venue where they can meet. It’s not only about learning and improving language, it’s also social and cultural exchange. Ideon is a great meeting place because it is like a melting pot of nationalities. We thought this could be a great place for people to learn more about each other, as companies as well.

Apart from welcoming participants who want to improve language skills and meet new people, Eos is also welcoming those who are interested to volunteer. Reena explains:

– Our idea is that the language café will also benefit the volunteers, if they for example work at a company at Ideon. The language café is a place for them to promote their company’s work, hand out brochures or pitch something they want others to know about. But everyone is welcome to volunteer!

If you or someone at your company is interested in volunteering, you can sign up here.

The EOS language café will take place every Thursday 16.00-18.00 for the foreseeable future – a step toward making Ideon a linguistic social hub for employees. Make sure to stop by if you are interested in participating or volunteering!

When? Every Thursday, 16.00-18.00

Where? Ideon Alfa building, Scheelevägen 15. Venue: Square

Cost? Free

Who’s welcome? Everyone!

Drop in – no cost, no registration needed!


Want to know more about the Eos Language Café @Ideon initiative?

Read more here

If you want to hear from EOS themselves, make sure to catch them at Ideon Breakfast on the 14th of September, 09.00 at Alfa Agora.

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