Do you want to become a changemaker of the future? VentureLab got you! VentureLab are now back from the summer running their successful programs together with inspiring speakers with valuable lessons. The registration is soon closing so make sure to get your spot!


Believe in your Ideas

Join VentureLab for a weekend of inspiration, workshops and networking to boost your confidence and ideas! We’re bringing 30 women and non-binary students at Lund University for a weekend at Margretetorp for the weekend of 25-26 September – a beautiful country location in the north of Skåne. You will learn about entrepreneurship and get ready to start pursuing your ideas. And make new friends! VentureLab is a part of Lund University and empowers students to create the future.

Claudia Manzo is an alumni from LUSEM and runs a startup that will take insects to the dining table. After participating in VentureLab’s inspirational weekend Believe In Your Ideas, where students participates in workshops and meet other motivated students, she was encouraged to take the next step with her idea:


”Taking part in Belive In Your Ideas was a great chance for me to map the main challenges and opportunities related to my startup idea, as well as meeting brilliant people who also had in mind to turn their ideas into projects. Listening to the speakers’ testimonies on their entrepreneurial journey is what ultimately convinced me to start my own and apply to the Startup Program.”


Through VentureLab’s Startup Program, she was given the tools to develop her foodtech idea, with the help of business developers and a large network. Since then, she has worked with her startup Entomovis in VentureLab’s incubator at Ideon Science Park.


“Even if your idea is completely new, VentureLab is always open to discussing your idea, they will help you make your idea more concrete and give you a direction.”

Find out more about Entomovis here

VentureLab Startup Program – kickstart your idea in 7 weeks!

The Startup Program spans over 7 weeks and is designed for you who want to develop an idea and an entrepreneurial mindset. Together with other driven students from Lund University you will learn methods and gain knowledge in how to create your future. Our business developers will give you professional guidance and the supportive community will empower you to think bigger. The program is free of charge and kicks off with a bootcamp 23-24 October.


About VentureLab

VentureLab gives students the opportunity to create the future. We are part of Lund University and inspire students to try entrepreneurship and innovation. We do this through inspiring events, through programs, office space, a large network and a supportive community. We do it to promote complex and innovative thinking – to challenge, explore and improve our way of living and doing things. We do it to create space for the future.

Find out more about VentureLab here

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