On the 21st of October Ideon and Gigstep organised our big final for Ideon Games at Edison Park in Lund at Ideon Science Park!


And what a success it was! After two nail-biting semi-finals, it was time for an exciting final between Cloudgruppen Sverige AB and last year’s winner Axis Communications. And the winner of this years Ideon Games is: Cloudgruppen SYD AB!


Big congratulations to Axis Communications who finished in an honourable 2nd place, and PwC Sverige and Atea Sverige who finished in a shared 3rd place.


Ideon Games is a CS:GO company tournament where you compete together with your colleagues against other companies in Skåne. The tournament is played over several weeks in the fall. And in October, the semifinal and final takes place.


Ideon Games has grown a lot since last year where the participating teams has increased from 9 to 16 teams. Last year the Ideon Games Final had about 60 visitors and this year we had over 350 visitors. We are very proud of this years result and Ideon and Gigstep are greatly looking forward to keep on developing the tournament year after year.


We were able to meet with the companies who qualified for the final to hear their thoughts about the tournament and why they decided to participate:


“We participate for our colleagues and future colleagues. We want to brand ourselves in e-sports and show our interest there. We feel a certain taboo regarding e-sports and this is a way for us to change that mindset. We think it is great fun to play together as we are a team consisting of employees from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Ideon Games is a great way to get to know the other offices.”

⁃       PwC



“It’s a very fun way to network. This is a unique way, compared to how we usually network, and it is a lot of fun.”

⁃       Cloudgruppen Syd



“We think Ideon games is a very fun initiative as everyone in our team plays CS in their spare time.”

⁃       ATEA



“We wouldn’t have met and gotten to know each other if it weren’t for Ideon Games. It is a very good networking opportunity.”

⁃       Axis Communications



Thank you to everyone who came and cheered on their favourite teams and colleagues, to those of you who came and played PS2 and Guitar Hero, and to those of you who were just eager to come and hang out and spread some good vibes! Without you, none of this would have been possible.


Thank you to all the participating teams throughout the tournament:

KassaCentralen, GESHDO, Neo4j, PwC Sverige, Qlik, Enersize, Tunstall, Trelleborgs kommun, AddPro AB, Mazars, Precise Biometrics, Prevas AB, Atea Sverige, Axis Communications & Cloudgruppen SYD AB.



Sponsors & partners:

Wihlborgs Fastigheter, Castellum, Xtrfy and NOCCO!



Watch the aftermovie here: https://lnkd.in/dAQizdpS


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