We love to brag about our companies and show you what they offer and what they do. One way to do that is to take you behind the scenes of their every day life and to hand over our Instagram account. Next week, Jibber will be taking over, so we took the opportunity to have a chat with CEO Fredrik Broberg.

Hi Fredrik, what can you tell me about Jibber, what do you do?

Jibber is a customer chat that simplifies sales, marketing and customer service on your website and comes with several smart features.

Who’s working at Jibber, what’s your background? How did you meet?

We are currently seven people working at Jibber! The team consists of Fredrik Broberg (CEO), Tuan Nguyen (CTO), Andy Trinh (Developer), Christofer Huynh (Developer), Lovisa Nordström (Marketing), Wilhelm Ewe (Design) and our intern for the next four months – Dariola Pas (Sales).

We met each other through friends and recommendations!

How did you come up with the idea?

A few years ago I (Fredrik) was working with another startup. Soon though, I came to realize that there was a need for a user friendly and affordable chat service on the Swedish market for websites. I decided that I would give it a try and consequently started Jibber.

You were part of Ideon Innovation, what did it mean for you to be part of an incubator?

The incubator gave us the necessary tools and contacts we needed grow our team and consumer base.

What are the future plans for Jibber?

To grow our team!

We are also planning for new features and to improve our service so that we can take our service to other markets outside of Sweden.

What will you be showing us next week on Instagram?

Our daily life at Jibber with everything that it entails, our service that we are very proud of, a few new feature releases that our customers have been looking forward to, customer meetings and so on.

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More about Jibber here


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