Yesterday was the last day of the cybersecurity training offered by Linköping University and Ideon Science Park. The training targeted small and medium-sized companies with growth ambitions, where digital technologies are a central part of the company’s business model. The aim was to increase understanding of cybersecurity and help participants develop a stronger security culture within their respective organizations.

“The training, which included self-study, workshops, and instructor-led sessions, covered cybersecurity in a societal context (a historical context, new threats and trends, societal vulnerabilities, countermeasures, legal aspects). It also covered risk management and cybersecurity culture, including risk awareness, people-focused cybersecurity, and incident management.” says Liza Johansson, Senior Project Manager at Ideon and responsible for the cybersecurity area at Ideon.

freddyFreddy Andersson from Region Skåne participated. Five percent of his job includes information security coordination, which means he needs to stay on top of certain cybersecurity-related matters.

“I felt I needed training in cybersecurity. I am not a developer, but originally a hospital chemist.”

Freddy finds the part about risk analysis and management most rewarding:

“I have understood the value of analyzing what resources and data are important and worth protecting. It is a new way of thinking for me.” When he returns to work, risk analysis is in the plan.

cybersecurity course

From the left: Nina Valkama, Linda Åkesson and Daniela Grassi

Daniela Grassi from AdvanSci, whose company used to be part of the Ideon Incubation Program BUILD, had many new insights, she says:

“I have gained a general understanding of what needs to be done to increase security. I also realized that cybersecurity is really important…”

She also mentions that it is harder than she thought:

“It opened my eyes; there are so many things I don’t know. But now I know that.”

When she gets back to the office, her plan is to start with a simple cybersecurity policy:

“It is better to start somewhere and then keep building.”

Nina Valkama, who works as an Executive Assistant, needs to become more cyber-aware as she often handles IT in relation to suppliers, also shared her thoughts.

“This training was definitely on the right level for me. It was great, since I needed more meat on the bones when it comes to cybersecurity.”

Stay tuned for more events on cybersecurity at Ideon.

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This training was powered by Sweden Secure Tech Hub

For more information please contact: Liza Johansson 


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