MatchIT, an EU funded project got the green light earlier in 2018. The project aims to connect 100 IT educated candidates with companies at Ideon Science Park as well as throughout Skåne and Blekinge.

On August 22, MatchIT had its kickoff at Ideon Science Park! Here, the 28 new students, who will receive an intensive education at Lund University, were introduced to the different organizations involved in the project including Ideon Science Park, Lund University, Arbetsförmedlingen and Region Skåne as the project owner.

The goal is that the students will strengthen their IT education and skills to a level equal to or greater than polytechnic level (Yrkeshögskola). They will focus on Java but will learn other programming logics, agile methodology, CV writing and interview skills as well as improving their Swedish.

Following the education, there will be a 10-week internship beginning February 4th, 2019. During the fall and winter, there will be other activities aimed at introducing the students to companies, work life and what it’s like to be a part of a Swedish organization. These activities include After Work social events, company presentations to the students, site visits to companies in the Lund and Malmö area, case studies where the students will be challenged to solve some of the real-life challenges that companies face.

Internship at Sigma Connectivity

This kind of project works! Last year, there was a small test group of students of which more than 75% are now employed, one of them is Mohamed Gharibe, who got an internship at Sigma Connectivity:

Mohamed Garibe

Mohamed Gharibe

“From a student point of view, the program was really good. It was really good practice for me as a newly graduated computer engineer from a foreign country, to have a connection with many great companies in this area, and actually that was the biggest benefit from the course”, Mohamed says.

“I joined Sigma Connectivity as an Embedded Software developer, which was pretty much far left field compared to the contents of the course at Lund University. Sigma is a place with many different project types, and it was easy for me to change direction, because of the foundation I had gotten from the course.”

Want to add IT talents to your team?


Neal Greenspan

We are looking for companies who are interested in being a part of this project, in a small or big way. If you think this sounds interesting, whether you can think to take in an intern or not, please reach out to Neal Greenspan, Project Manager at Ideon Science Park for MatchIT.







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