During fall 2022 the incubator at Ideon Science Park has launched several different incubation programs, acceleration programs and other collaboration projects. What earlier was one incubation program has got divided into two different programs, named BUILD and GROW.


BUILD is a 9-month long program consisting of 3 months of workshops, networking and peer to peer learning which is followed by 6 months of continuous development of the business idea and entrepreneur.


“(Our incubation program) BUILD provides a close network of start-ups working in the same early phase with similar issues. We see that it generates added value to work together through workshops with central themes that are current and relevant. The purpose of BUILD is to strengthen the opportunities to create a strong and sustainable company. As a start-up you also get a natural introduction to various resources, partnerships and competencies offered at Ideon” – Maria Lindblom, Business coach and Program responsible for BUILD Implementation


Since the start, seven start-ups have taken part of the program. From smart materials and space solutions, diamond clocks to game development. One of the start-ups in BUILD is TrackPaw, developing a SaaS and hardware solution to enable remote monitoring of laboratory animals to increase animal welfare and accelerate the process of drug development.


“Just as the (BUILD) name entails, I’ve received important building blocks and tools that I can utilize inorder to continue creating a strong base for the start-up to stand on. I find it extremely refreshing to be surrounded by entrepreneurs who have completely different ideas who can share their struggles and experiences with each other, as one otherwise is used to seeing mainly other’s success. Together is always stronger, and I first attended the programme as the only founder of the company. I found myself leaving each session with the feeling of having a support net.”

Lisa Tchapanova, founder and CEO of TrackPaw


The other start-ups that were already in the incubator automatically got enrolled in GROW, an incubation program for start-ups in the continuous phase after BUILD. The program targets a mature company who’ve been in a business incubator program before or has the equivalent experience of running a business. The initial team is already in place, but the company needs support in a space to grow – at Ideon Science Park!


In GROW there will be different offerings, such as masterclasses on different topics related to growing your business, toolboxes and many opportunities to take part of events and apply for and receive grants. What is new is that apart from start-ups getting an assigned business coach they can access all business coaches with various expertise through a new effective booking system. In summary, this new incubation process will not only include more offerings but also give the opportunity to start-ups to stay longer if needed and to scale faster.


“We are reshaping our incubation process to make the offering to the startups clearer, both in term of what we deliver and in what our expectations on them are. Our newest incubator program GROW is a vital part of that process. It allows companies who have already gone through other programs, or where the founders are experienced entrepreneurs, to grow their company with the support of dedicated business coaches as well as their peers in the program, our wide network and experts giving master classes on relevant topics.”

Sara Egidius, Head of Business Development at Ideon Innovation


The start-ups that are currently in the incubator are mainly within the tech and deep tech sector. Looking at the list of all start-ups, there is a great variation which is beneficial for all parts of the incubation community. They face similar and different challenges – as a start-up and entrepreneur – and can help each other with the support from the business coaches, the Ideon team and network.


Read more about the programs here

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