Ideon Instatakeover with Academic Solutions

This week on Wednesday to Friday we will be able to follow along with the Ideon company Academic Solutions as they take over our official Instagram account. Follow our Instagram account > We decided to get to know them a little better! Hi academic solutions. Who is in your team? What's your background? Academic Solutions is a recruitment and staffing company based at Ideon. We help businesses recruit and hire the most competent students from universities and colleges in Sweden. Academic Solutions was founded in 2016 by four academics with solid experience in the corporate world who see...

Winners of the Ideon Sharp Minds mentors 2019

Last Friday Ideon Science Park presented the four lucky winners of the Sharp Minds Mentors 2019. The four mentor-mentee couples are 1. Babak Mohammadi, Founder of Xenergic, will be the mentee of Mats Lindoff, CEO of the fast growing indoor/outdoor positioning Ideon...

PEP – Prelaunch Evaluation Program, website now live!

Ideon Science Park has developed a peer-to-peer website for Ideon companies to share their ideas and get feedback prelaunch from others at Ideon. Making the process of feedback gathering much easier. Saving these entrepreneurs and companies time, money and...

800 available jobs at IT-mässan in Lund

65 companies are looking to hire people for 800 available jobs at IT-mässan, April 11 in Lund. This is the 14th fair and also this time the companies are lining up. It is a large mix between big and small companies, veterans and newcomers. The organizers of this...

UNOPS open up job positions at Ideon Science Park

By joining us, you will have the opportunity to enhance the impact of a transformation project UNOPS is currently developing, focused on creating new innovative solutions to help our partners achieve the Agenda 2030. UNOPS has started creating a global system of...

Interreg project Slovenia & Austria

Slovenia & Austria visits Ideon Science Park, Medicon Village, Innovation Skåne and Invest in Skåne to learn about the innovation ecosystem in Sweden. Delegation: Lakeside Science & Tecnology Park in Austria KWF, Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungsfonds in...

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