STARTUP NEWS We continue our series of startup companies who are working at Ideon Innovation. The purpose of this series is to introduce the startups to the other companies at Ideon to see if there is a possibility of working together and doing business with each other. Kind of an electronic networking.

Company name: IAMRUNBOX

Who are you?

We are young and ambitious team united by a common passion for travelling and sports. Kirill Noskov, the Founder and the CEO, is a passioned commuter himself that enjoys to go to work with his bike or just running. The other memebers of the team are Lina Westin (Head of Product & Design), Jennie Sjöblom (Head of Communication) and Irina Mavrusina (CFO).

IAMRUNBOX Kirill Noskov

Kirill Noskov

Can you tell us a bit about your product?

Many people who run or bike to the office or who go on a short business trip need to get their office clothes with them crease-free. We found it almost impossible to pack business attire into current backpacks without getting shirts wrinkled and trousers creased. After performing market research we realized that we were not alone. To solve this problem, we have developed IAMRUNBOX.

The beauty of IAMRUNBOX is that all products are designed, developed and tested by run commuters, for run commuters and active travelers. Inspired by the smooth clean lines of Scandinavian design and made from revolutionary materials that look as good as they perform, the products within this range allow you to incorporate sports and fitness into your daily schedule, without compromising on business time, family time, or you time.
Our product range consists of backpacks, carriers and accessories designed for sports enthusiasts and travel lovers.

What benefits would I get from using your product?

One of the biggest benefits that individuals would get is that our products are the optimal packing solution for active people, those who enjoy sports and travelling. This is due to the fact that you have stored all of your extra clothes or shoes in the same place. Moreover, by using IAMRUNBOX people have a guarantee that their clothes will be crease free and ready to use.

Our backpacks are from premium quality and made from lightweight materials, which also makes them an ergonomic fit that reduces bouncing when running or biking. Our products have clean and minimalistic Scandinavian design which can make them the new “briefcase” for success and our consumers can use them in every situation.

What kind of partners or help do you need from other Ideon companies?

As now we are in our growth stage we would be interested in working with or receiving advices from companies regarding growth hacking. Moreover we would be willing to start different collaborations with various Ideon companies or even cobranding opportunities. All of those would be due to our desire to learn and get more of a know-how of how you should enter and develop in different markets around the world.

What kind of support or help could you possibly offer to other Ideon companies?

We can help companies with sharing our experience in Crowd funding. Moreover, we have a good knowledge and experience from product development as well which we would be more than willing to share with them.


Phone number: +46 735 000 276

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