INSTATAKEOVER | One way to show off our fantastic companies is to hand over our Instagram account to them. Tomorrow, you get to follow Scientific EdTech as they take over our Instagram and show you behind the scenes. We took the opportunity to talk to Henrik Rosvall, CTO and Co-Founder, to find out more about who they are!

Hi Henrik Rosvall , who is your team? What’s your background?

Hi Ideon! I am the co-founder and CTO (striped knit sweater in the picture) of Scientific EdTech. I founded the company together with Martin Hassler Hallstedt in 2017. We are part of a team consisting of experts in the fields of psychology, software engineering, game design, instructional design and computer graphics. I come from a background of programming and design, working with both software development and product development – always trying to understand end user needs.

How did you come up with the idea of founding Scientific EdTech?

I have always been fascinated by the interaction between people and technology, and I have approached that interest from different angles throughout my work life. My mother was a math teacher, which made it very easy for me to love the subject already as a child. So when I met Martin over a spontaneous lunch in 2017 I found an immediate emotional attachment to his doctoral thesis project.

He told me that he had developed an evidence-based digital method for teaching math using principles of cognitive behavioural therapy. I thought “Wow, this can help many children out there”. Soon after that, we decided to work together to build a company and bring the product to the market.

How does your product work?

In short, we are developing the optimal digital learning tool for teaching basic math to 7-9-year old children across the world. It is the full package – containing instructions, exercises and tests to make sure that children learn what they are supposed to. It also provides information about children’s progress, their successes and needs for teachers to help them more efficiently.

The main fundament of the company is the scientific research it is built on, which means that we conduct rigorous testing so that we can optimise the content based on data and evidence. In the end, we want to make learning fun, easy and effective, and our long-term goal is to help children succeed in math so that they can live better lives.

Is your product currently being tested? Have the results from testing been positive?

We have a prototype that was tested in Martin’s doctoral thesis. The test showed children with poor math skills caught up 6 months in critical math skills compared to students who did not use the prototype.

What are your next steps for Scientific EdTech?

This spring we will be focusing on development and user testing, so we are currently building momentum for an August launch of our MVP.

What will you show us next week on Instagram?

We’ll do our best trying to bring you into the world of learning, psychology, game design and science. Enjoy!

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