We, at Ideon Science Park, champion systems innovation. We actively contribute to creating the conditions needed to tackle complex challenges through collaboration.

Anders G. Nilsson

First, what is systems innovation?

Systems innovation looks at the whole system, not just individual parts, to create new solutions to complex problems.

It considers how everything interacts and focuses on long-term change.

In a company a system might include customers, employees, suppliers, technology, processes, and even the company culture. In a city it might include transportation, energy use, waste management, and housing could all be part of the whole system.

The key in systems innovation is to consider all the relevant parts and how they interact to create the bigger picture. By understanding these connections, systems innovation can lead to more sustainable and effective solutions within innovation.

Empower Impactful Businesses

At Ideon Science Park, we’re dedicated to helping companies operationalize companies’ impact, says Anders G. Nilsson, CEO.

This means to guide companies as they translate their stated purpose and social responsibility goals into concrete actions that deliver measurable results.

Open Access for the Innovation Ecosystem

We believe in making essential systems and tools readily available, enabling anyone within the innovation ecosystem:

However, a key challenge lies in ensuring the longevity of these “commons” – the shared resources we develop, Anders explains. How can we guarantee they remain relevant, updated, and continue to serve the ecosystem after they have been developed?

Securing the Future of Shared Resources:

Hence, Anders Nilsson recently collaborated with Lina Svensberg from Compare, on a pre-study report regarding commons:

We explore how we can secure the longevity of system innovation assets, says Anders, co-author.

The study investigates the prerequisites for the survival and sustained development of these shared resources, and how to encourage their adoption and further development by others.

The Tragedy of the Commons

The study acknowledges the classic economic concept of the “tragedy of the commons,” which describes the depletion of shared resources due to individual self-interest.

For shared resources to work effectively, they need to be careful managed so that they are not depleted but instead ensure long-term benefits for all stakeholders.

Digital Assets and Sustainability

This concept holds true for digital assets within the innovation system as well.

The pre-study therefore investigates various possibilities for making sure sustainable management of these assets, with a specific focus on the financial and legal considerations involved.

Building a Strong Community

According to Anders, the most ideal scenario involves cultivating a strong community that takes ownership of and manages these shared resources:

This collaborative approach would guarantee that the commons continue to stay relevant and contribute with value within the innovation ecosystem.

Looking Forward to the Next steps

The pre-study received positive feedback, and we’re currently exploring the possibility of a continuation project, says Anders G. Nilsson.

Join us at Almedalen to learn about  our conclusions so far.

When: 13.30 on June 26
Where: Gotland Science Park, Visby

Read the pre-study reports here  (SWE)


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