Miniworkshop för rösten på World Voice Day 16 april

Miniworkshop för rösten på World Voice Day 16 april

Den 16 april firas World Voice Day över hela världen och det vill vi självklart vara med och fira tillsammans med dig. Så – välkommen till en miniworkshop med prestigelösa röstövningar, upplysande kunskap och glada vårtoner. Retorikbyrån Susanne Hedin & Co...

Lund Comedy Festival

Lund Comedy Festival is organized by Anagram and is Sweden’s most enjoyable festival. In eight years, it has become not only Sweden´s largest comedy festival, but probably also the largest festival dedicated to humour in the Nordic countries. Every year, over a...

Welcome to the Yes Day

Today, on International Women’s Day, we invite you to the Yes Day. Ideon Innovation and Ideon Science Park are arranging a day that celebrates entrepreneurship in a broader perspective, and most of the participating contractors as well as the speakers are women....
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