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We are very happy and thankful for the large interest and engagement triggered by our grand opening. What an amazing start!


Our focus in the near future;

  • Getting our office up running with the basics needed. This will be located at Ideon Agora on Scheelevägen 15 in Lund.
  • Preparing and launching the first global challenge, date TBA. Then you will also learn more about how challenges will be managed and evaluated, what happens once a winning solution is identified, and more.
  • Establishing the digital infrastructure that will be used by all Global Innovation Centres (GICs) globally, including partners.

How to get engaged, stay tuned and learn more;

  • The challenges and similar information will be communicated mainly via the UNOPS Possibilities Webpage as well as the Ideon Newsletter until we have established our own communications platform.
  • If you wish to partner more closely with us on the effort, you are most welcome to reach out for further information.
  • Please contact Sarah Emond at sarahe@unops.org with your questions, requests, etc.

Let’s make this happen!

Sarah Emond with team
UNOPS GIC Sweden @ IDEON Science Park


The Global Innovation Center Sweden by UNOPS located at Ideon Science Park had the opening ceremony on October 21st 2019.

Located in Lund’s Ideon Science Park, the centre aims to create an environment that nurtures innovation and fosters partnerships leading to it – helping to identify the solutions and technologies needed to tackle the climate crisis and achieve long-term sustainable development.

“The scale and ambition of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) mean that we all need to work together to find innovative solutions to our world’s biggest challenges. This centre provides a space to foster partnerships that help think outside the box and achieve a better world for all.”
– Grete Faremo, UNOPS Executive Director

“I am pleased that the UN, through UNOPS, has rightly identified Lund and Sweden as attractive places for innovation and entrepreneurship… We have a lot to offer here. By establishing the center [in Lund], Sweden’s world-leading innovation capacity can continue to help solve the global challenges addressed in Agenda 2030 and at the same time strengthen Swedish competitiveness,”
– Sweden’s Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation, Ibrahim Baylan

“Since we are saying innovation will solve the challenges the world is facing, then Sweden should take advantage of that we are a strong nation within innovation to also use our work to help developing countries to become more innovative”
– Marie Wall, startup-responsible at Näringsdepartementet

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