In the fall of 2016, Volvo Cars established a research and development center at Ideon, and since then its business has grown gradually. On January 1, 2020, Volvo will take over the Delta 3 house in order to continue its development, including a test garage.

“We work towards the heart, how to build cars and the core of the systems. Volvo needs to see how the skills in Lund help to pivot towards software and now we have received a confirmation for the value of what we do,” says Volvo’s site manager Henrik Svensson to 8to5.

With Volvo at Ideon, the cars of the future are being developed, which will be connected and self-driving. Technical skills that are closer to the knowledge of neighboring companies such as Ericsson, Sony and Axis are also needed, rather than traditional vehicle clusters like Gothenburg.

There is really only one thing that could have made the conditions even better, Henrik thinks: that a competitor to Volvo established themselves in Lund, to strengthen the region’s potential as a vehicle cluster. At Ideon, there are already actors like ARM, Bosch, Continental and Terranet, as well as the cluster Smarter Mobility.

“In Lund, you have access to attractive skills that several companies demand. The proximity and good cooperation with the university is a foundation for Ideon and an exciting development is coming as a result of the major investments made in Lund. Investments in infrastructure and in world-class materials research facilities like Max IV and ESS create unique opportunities for the future,” says Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of real estate company Wihlborgs, who owns the Delta building (among others).


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