Last Friday Ideon Science Park presented the four lucky winners of the Sharp Minds Mentors 2019.

The four mentor-mentee couples are

1. Babak Mohammadi, Founder of Xenergic, will be the mentee of Mats Lindoff, CEO of the fast growing indoor/outdoor positioning Ideon company Combain. He led a part of Ericsson through the scaleup journey in the 90s, launching Bluetooth in 1998.

Xenergic AB is a deep tech Ideon Innovation company providing IP solutions for semiconductor companies. The key benefits of its IP is that it lowers the power consumption and cost of integrated circuits (commonly referred to as chips) for the customers. The implications of this is huge in every aspect of society: for example our IP can help mobile phones, smart watches or IoT devices battery last longer and make them cheaper.

2. Magnus Alfredsson, Founder of Proethos, will be the mentee of Jonas Birgersson, The “Broadband Jesus of Sweden”, Framtidsfabriken/Framfab, Bredbandsbolaget, Bredband2, Relakks, and Labs2. Today Jonas is the CEO and founder of the fast growing company Via Europa

Magnus Alfredsson, used to work with Private Banking for 15 years, both in Sweden and Europe Europa. One day he left the bank to create the Proethos fund with the aim to offer a sustainable and understandable fund for all that wanted to be part of something good. Now Magnus is challenging the banks with his disruptive fund.

3. Helena Linge, Founder of Cicada Health, will be mentee to Christer Fåhreus, Founder of CellaVision, Anoto Group, Flatfrog, EQL Pharma, Longboat Amniotics and Respiratorius

Helena Linge is a scientist, stepping into the entrepeneurial world with the Ideon Innovation company Cicada Health, and a big data software following up on people that had child cancer, to prevent their future fallbacks and keep them healthy, and at the same time making the care increasingly efficient.

4. Erik Andersson, founder of SenseNode, will be the mentee of Maria Morin, VP HR & IR at Cellavision. Maria is a scaleup leader, having helped Cellavision from 100 to 300 MSEK in turnover and is now in the top management team, passionate about communicating the benefits of a technology change to both customers, employees and investors.

SenseNode AB is offering an Industrial Internet-of-things platform to industry and real estate. Customers are Trelleborg Industri, Boliden, Atlas Copco etc. the company is in the lead of collecting data from the factory floor in real-time, cost efficiently. Initial focus has been on energy data, which has an enormous potential in making industry more energy efficient. One third of the energy consumption goes to industry – and SenseNode sees a lot of unnecessary waste!

More about the mentorship program here >

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