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sweden secure tech hub: addressing cyber security


We help companies address cyber security and other digital challenges

Sweden Secure Tech Hub is a national cyber security innovation hub. Ideon Science Park is one of the leading six science parks in tech and digitalization that are part of the collaboration. The consortia helps small and medium-sized tech companies to create safer digital products and solutions – starting already in the design and development phase. Through the hub, we offer a variety of resources and services, from inspiration and skills development to consulting support, testing opportunities and help finding funding for concrete development initiatives. Much of what we offer is completely free for your company.

The consortia, Sweden ICT,  consists of Linköping Science Park, Lindholmen Science Park (Gothenburg), Ideon Science Park (Lund), Kista Science Park (Stockholm), Luleå Science Park and Blue Science Park (Karlskrona), Sweden’s six largest science parks.

Sweden Secure Tech Hub has been designated by the EU as a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH).

Sweden Secure Tech Hub | Ideon Science Park

ESA-BIC – The international space incubator

Ideon Science Park is one of four selected incubators in Sweden that operate the national space incubator, ESA-BIC. ESA Business Incubation Centres (ESA BICs) represent the largest network of incubators dedicated to supporting space-related startups throughout Europe. Our objective is to support entrepreneurs with a space-related business idea and help them developing their product while getting their company off the ground. Through this process, we foster the creation and expansion of clusters of space-related startups across the Europe.

As the designated ESA BIC for the southern region of Sweden, we establish connections within the local industry, universities, research organizations, government, and investor communities. While deeply integrated into our local communities, we also maintain strong regional and national connections.

Participation in the ESA BIC network offers exceptional opportunities for startups to connect with new business partners across Europe.

Within ESA BIC, we provide comprehensive business development support and advice as well as effective workplaces for up to 24 months. Startups in this incubation program also get funding for product development, access to leading technical experts in the space industry, and become members of an exclusive space startup network.

To learn more about ESA BIC, please contact Leonie Blum or read more here.

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