The following projects work to help companies in the region grow. Read more to find out how.

Strengthened Skills supply for Sustainable Growth

The purpose of this pre-study is to identify the skills needs and skills supply challenges for knowledge-intensive Tech SME companies in Skåne. In addition, this study aims to look at initiatives, case studies and reports nationally and internationally with similar challenges as in Skåne, in order to identify sustainable solutions that could be applied and implemented in Skåne. The aim is to enable the provision of high quality skills for knowledge-intensive Tech companies in the region.

This pre-study is part of Region Skåne’s overall focus on skills supply and skills development and will:

→  Improve the regional economy’s access to highly skilled labour;
→  Ensure that Skåne can maintain and strengthen its position as a hub for innovative SMEs        in Europe.

Why? We know scaleups.

We understand the unique challenges that scaleups face – as well as to marshal the resources and talent they need to grow their companies fast. As an organisation operating at the leading edge of the Swedish innovation ecosystem, we know the need for connecting the scaleup leaders to each other and build a community of scaleup leaders where they may be inspired, learn from others, and learn while doing, all packaged in as short time slots as possible.

Our overall goal is to become Europe’s best science park for innovative scaleups.

To know more please contact Pontus Rystedt, Special Projects Manager.

Nordic scalers community

We want to make the Nordic region leading not only for starting up, but also scaling up businesses

In the last years, there has been a focus on how to help and nurture startups in the Nordics. This has made the Nordic region one of the best in the world when it comes to starting and developing new companies. Even though the Nordic countries are above OECD average to start new companies, the challenge is that they seldom grow to scale. Therefore, the Nordic startup companies are not reaching their full potential and many of the growth opportunities are lost.

The Nordic countries lag the leading countries in the extent to which they scaleup, with research suggesting that many of the companies have stagnant growth despite their best aspirations. One of the differences compared to the leading ecosystems is the size. Combined, the Nordic countries are big enough to produce quality scaleups with the desired opportunities for growth. This is exactly what Nordic Innovation wants to tap into with the Nordic Scalers program. The vision is to make the Nordics the leading region in the World not only for starting up, but also scaling up businesses.

Nordic Scalers 2.0

Nordic Innovation, in cooperation with Nasdaq, launched Nordic Scalers 2.0 in April 2021 with three new programs for scaleups in the Nordic region.

All the three programs are run by experienced cross-Nordic teams involving partners who have validated the program concepts on a national level. The programs will help Nordic scaleups manage and accelerate their next stages of growth, and will focus on competence building, involving coaching, mentoring and networking elements.

Matchmaking Ukranian Talents with Swedish Companies

Due to the war in Ukraine, many people are forced to seek refuge. Lots of individuals and organizations make fantastic efforts to support the Ukrainian people and the Swedish government are encouraging employers to hire Ukrainian refugees.

Within the framework of the national Vinnova funded project Switch to Sweden – which is about matching international talents with Swedish employers – we have the opportunity to create a matchmaking activity where we can gather Ukrainian talents and match these people to jobs at Swedish companies and businesses. For this, we are now seeking the interest of employers who need this competence. The project is aimed at knowledge-intensive companies and talents who want to work in knowledge-intensive companies.

If you are interested in participating in a matchmaking described above or have other initiatives that you want to highlight, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

This Switch to Sweden activity is a collaboration between various Swedish Science Parks.


An AI tool will match the companies competence needs to the talents competences in our database in order to create the best match for all.


The talents that get the highest score in the matchmaking, based on the companies needs and the talents competence, will be invited to a meet & greet.


This talent matchmaking will be held on an ongoing basis.

This matchmaking event is an activity from Switch to Sweden, a project funded by Vinnova to facilitate the recruitment of international talent in Swedish companies.

Feel free to spread the word and contribute to help this initiative grow.

Ideon Navigator Scaleup

The Navigator Program is based on an award winning accelerator process maintained by the Navigator Foundation. Since 2020, Ideon Science Park is administrating the south node, supporting scaleup companies in the south of Sweden.

The program is professionalising the scaleup leader by matching the scaleup challenges individual to the organisation, with four external scaleup leaders having diversed competences. They support the organisation during more than 1,5 years. The external scaleup leaders are active in their own organisations, have been through at least one scaleup journey, and steps into the meetings with all their experience and knowledge and a coaching mind set. The learning will usually go both ways.

The results have so far been over 25% growth per year for companies that took part in the program.

To know more, please contact Lotta Wessfeldt, Special Projects Manager.

Keeping international students in the greater CopeNhagen Area

Every year Ideon Science Park hosts a matchmaking event between International Graduated Students and companies who are looking for new talents. This is a collaboration between Ideon Science Park, Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Skåne.

For questions please contact Lotta Wessfeldt.

Sweden ict matchmaking

Are you curious about a career in Sweden? Upload your profile on Sweden ICT’s website and get more information about our next matchmaking event.

At the matchmaking events, an AI matches your competences with companies’ recruitment needs. The talents with the highest match with the companies’ needs will be invited to a digital interview with a represent from the company.

Learn more about Sweden ICT here.


Solmarken – More solar power in Skåne

The potential for land-based solar energy is great, but the target conflicts are many for facilities on primarily agricultural land, which means that other possibilities for land facilities must be investigated.

This new approach requires a strong local foundation where the business community and other stakeholders are integrated.

Through dialogue with key players in the county and associated analysis, we hope to be able to determine the potential for solar cell plants on land, which are not intended for food production, as well as identify processes and develop methods for realizing the potential in Skåne.

The internal work at the County Administrative Board, between county administrative boards and in municipalities will also be further developed through dialogue and knowledge-raising initiatives where different interests are weighed against each other. How can coordination promote local electricity production and the development of regional business?

This is important proactive work to achieve our regional climate and energy goals and to deal with the power issues that affect Skåne to the highest degree.

Funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and is in collaboration with the County Administrative Board of Skåne.

For questions please contact Rosa Özgen Sundin.

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