Here are the opening hours for the restaurants and cafés in the park this summer:


The café will be closed from june 30 and will open again on August 6th

Bricks Eatery

Bricks Eatery

The restaurant will be open as usual throughout the summer

Restaurant Edison

The restaurant is closed week 30 and 31, then back to regular opening hours

More on restaurant Edison

Restaurant Hilda

Hilda is closed between weeks 28-31, then back to regular opening hours

More on restaurant Hilda

Restaurant Höjdpunkten

Open all summer

Mer om Höjdpunkten

Restaurant Inspira

Closed from July 9 until August 5

About Inspira

Restaurant Kryddhyllan

Kryddhyllan closes on July 16 and opens again on August 13

More on Kryddhyllan

Business Lounge

Closed from July 16 to August 6

Restaurant North East

North East closes lunch servings on June 25 and opens again on August 8 but will be open all evenings during the summer.

Restaurant Paolo’s

Paolo’s closes on July 6 and opens again on August 6.

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Restaurant Scotland Yard

The Café is open with lunch service all days throughout the summer, opening hours are 7:30-15:30 from June 25 to August 5

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