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Tips and guides from our Business Support Organisations

There are many things to think about as an entrepreneur and it is hard to be an expert at all of them. So we have asked our Business Support companies to share their knowledge, tips and guides on their area of expertise in order to make your life a little bit easier.

Do you have the right insurance when entering a new market? Do you know what to do in order to prepare for GDPR? This and much more is something our business support companies can help you with. 

Is there a topic you would like for us to highligt? Send an email to info@ideon.se and let us know!

The 3 most frequently asked questions (and answers) about Nearshoring

The 3 most frequently asked questions (and answers) about Nearshoring

September 19, 2018

Today, geographical and cultural barriers around the world are changing. Companies ranging in size from giants to the startup down the hall are routinely engaged in offshoring, not only for manufacturing, but for services as well. Lately though, companies have turned their attention to an alternative that is proving to be an attractive middle road between … Read More

Five lessons from doing business in Nigeria

Five lessons from doing business in Nigeria

August 22, 2018

By Jonas Michanek, entrepreneur and writer, and working for Ideon Science Park on an assignment as acting Incubator Manager at the Roar Nigeria Hub. Did you know that Nigeria has around 200 million people? Did you know that it will be the world’s third most populated country in around 30 years? Did you know that … Read More

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